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What is a crime scene investigator?


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someone who investigates a crime scene they dust for fingerprints test for blood look for evidence and everything else associated with crime

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you need to be strong minded to be a crime scene investigator

A famous crime scene investigator is Henry Lee.

To the best of my knowledge the professional person who investigates a crime where it was perpetrated is called "a crime on scene investigator".

what is a good thesis statement for a crime scene investigator.

A crime scene investigator analyzes evidence from a crime scene. A detective does show up to the crime scene. They just cant touch evidence.

You can become a crime scene investigator by taiking forensic classes. They are quite fun!

Crime Scene Investigation or Crime Scene Investigator

the investigator actually looks at the crime and takes pictures to bring back to the analyst to figure out what everything was in the crime scene

The crime scene investigator license allows you to process a crime scene. This website outlines the basics:

There are no special health benefits associated with being a crime scene investigator.

The advantages of using a crime scene investigator is that they can use their expertise and experience to determine what took place at a crime scene. However, without solid evidence most cases cannot just take the word of the crime scene investigator.

The salary of a crime scene investigator usually varies between different agencies and the position he holds in the department. The salary of a crime scene investigator currently ranges from $30k to $50k a year.

Being a crime scene investigator is an advantage favorable to the investigator himself bacause he can be excused from being the suspected one.

a crime scene investigator is a person who finds out who the suspect is

When you need to find out about crime scene investigator training the best place to look would be an online university. They will list the locations, prices and lots of useful information about their crime scene investigator training courses.

to be a crime scene investigator u have to be physically fit u will have to crouch and bend over and knee.

well for a crime scene investigator the starting salary is between 30,000 to 40,000

In Alabama, a crime scene investigator can expect to have a salary of an average of about 53,000 dollars. Most crime scene investigators work for either the state or municipalities.

whar are some concer a crime scene investigator or detective should be aware of?

Don't touch anything to alter the crime scene.

The Crime Scene Investigator has the evidence collecting responsibility.

Crime scene investigator classes are like training class for someone who wants to be an investigator of a crime scene.The training of police and support staff in the identification, recording and recovery of evidence from crime scenes includes crime scene photography and the recovery of trace evidence.

They are known as crime scene investigator/examiner, crime scene photographer, crime photographer.

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