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AnswerGo up to the boy, ask him to sit by you at lunch, talk to him, give him some laughs, then after lunch go to where ever he go's, then say, (what ever his name is) come to my locker (or desk) then say we have to talk. say very slowly, (name) i was wondering, since I dont have anyone to go to the dance with, will you? Then he would most likely say yes.
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Q: What is a cute and creative way to ask a boy to the winter formal dance?
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What is a cute way to ask a girl to the winter formal dance?

if she really likes u, anything will b awesome

What are some cute yearbook page titles for a winter formal?

you could think of lots walking in a winter wonder land

What is a cute and creative way to answer a boy to a dance?

Get all your friends to wear a shirt spelling out his name with one letter on each shirt and do it while he is in class.

What is a cute way to dance at a school dance?


Should you wear a short dress to a winter dance?

If you have a short dress that you really want to wear for a winter dance, I say go for it. Just be sure to wear cute boots when walking into and out of the dance if you live somewhere that receives snow. You can change into high heels inside. Not everyone wears short dresses in winter because it is so cold, but if you are alright with being cold for a little bit, then go ahead.

What three words describe Laura Ingalls Wilder?

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What is a cute creative way to ask a girl to a formal?

I think it would be really cute if you dropped her a note where she would find it or get her a nice card that says hi or something and then hand it to her and tell her to do a list of things before she can open it.... or give her a flower and attached to it there's a note asking her if she will go with you.

What are some cute ways to ask a boy to a dance?

Being yourself when you ask a boy out to a dance is always considered cute. However, you can also do it by sending a cute text message or while talking on the phone.

What should girls wear to a dance?

Well i am going to a dance tomorrow and it depends if it is a casual dance or a dressy dance. Mine is a western themed casual dance and im wearing cute cowgirl boots, a plaid shirt with a cami, and some cute shorts. If it is a fancier dance i would wear a cute dress with some flirty jewelry, nothin to much though! sometimes less is more :)

Who is nick from dance moms?

He is a senior in the Abby Lee Dance Company. :) (SO CUTE!! :) )

A cute way to ask a guy to a dance?

find out what he likes and use that to ask him to the dance

What to wear to a school dance?

it depeds on what kind of dance it is. if its a fancy dance then wear a cute cocktail dress like red,hot pink,green,black,blue and for the shoes wear heels like black or red but ir its not a fancy dance then just wear a cute spring dress or denim skirt with a cute top and flats.hope this helps:)

What should you wear to a college dance?

Something formal like a suit and tie a lot of times. If your a girl you would wear something that's not to fancy, but probably a dress and some flats with a cute hairstyle!

What does vous etes mignon et tu dis des trucs mignons mean?

You (formal) are cute and are you (informal) saying cute things The mix of formal and informal is quite strange...

Is spaghetti a cute name for a girl kitten?

that's super adorable and creative!!!!

What do I wear to my middle school dance when I have light skin light blond hair and hazel eyes I am looking for something non formal and dresses are okay I would really appreciate your help?

You could wear a babydoll dress paired with flats or sandals. Or if its winter, wear a cute sweater dress with leggings or a dressy shirt with a skirt with leggings! HOPE IT HELPS!

What is a cute thing to write a speech on?

beef it up dance

What is a sashae?

a sashae is a cute little dance and a type of walk//

What is a cute hairstyle for dance practice?

a ponytail or a ballet bun

What could be a cute and creative name for a blog about the progress of your horses pregnancy?

Foaling Feature

What is a creative city name for a fairy tale?

pixieland(: its cute and simple

What is a cute video to watch?

The Dachsunds Dance to All the Single Ladies!

Whats a good way to ask a guy to a formal dace with out him ever forgetting?

If you want to ask a guy to a dance and have him never foget it, then you should be really creative. A really cute idea is to put a note on his locker with a hint on it. Like say "where can you bounce a round ball?" then that'll take you to the gym. Put another note on the basketball hoop pole and then make up another rhyme taking him somewhere else. Make at least 5 notes and then on the last one send him out to the football field, where your going to be standing (lookin all cute 4 him) with a sign that say "Winterball?" or the name of your dance. It would be really cute if you just had a bunch of balloons on either side of you. well that's what I think would be really cute. =)if you ask a guy to a dance and hint at the idea of sex after the dance then he will never forget, but that don't mean you have to do anything just hint at the idea, and every time you see him just give a wee smile and wink. It is a sure thing that he wont forget, but don't give him anything until the dance or maybe even better still don't give him anything after the dance..hope it works it should i am a guy and it would work for me lol

What are some cute Valentine's Day ideas?

There are Valentines day creative ideas and, and then there are Valentines day cute ideas. This is where all things cute get their share of Valentine's Day. On this day you can allow yourself for that extra cuteness with love..

What do people wear to a 7th grade dance?

Girls: if it is formal wear a cute dress with high heels if it is casual go in a mini skirt and bright shirt with high heels or converse. you can wear skinny jeans too. leave your hair down or do a partial up do. it is really nice for formals. Boys: wear something nice not a suit or anything unless the dance is really formal.

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