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That's a one ounce silver round, so the value varies with the price of silver. As of 20 June 2012, silver is $27.90/ounce.

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All silver dollars (1794-1935) have a picture of Miss Liberty on the front and an eagle on the back.

Yes. This coin is called a Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

A Morgan silver dollar was minted in the United States between 1878 and 1921. It has a Lady Liberty head on the front and an Eagle clutching an olive branch and arrows on the back.

On the front of a Trade Dollar it has Lady Liberty seated facing the left and on the back below the eagle TRADE DOLLAR. A Morgan Dollar has the head of Lady Liberty on the front.

There's no such coin. If you have a large (38.1 mm) dollar with a spread-winged eagle on the back and Miss Liberty on the front, it's made of silver.

Remember Miss Liberty, as in "Statue of ..." ?

the liberty bell in front of the moon

No Standing Liberty dollars have been made by the US, the only dollar coins struck in 1836 are the Gobrecht dollars which have Liberty Seated on the front and a large flying eagle on the back and they are rare. Look at the coin again and post new question.

Not pure silver - 90% silver, 10% copper. Not a man - that's Miss Liberty. See the Related Question for values.

The back of the Walking Liberty half dollar has an eagle on it. The sun is located on the front of the coin just left of Lady Liberty.

About $40. It's a bullion piece sold for its silver content. The dollar denomination is artificial. It's also not a Mint issue; the Walking Liberty design is used for one-ounce bullion coins.

The woman is Miss Liberty! The coins are often called "Morgan" dollars after the man who designed them. Please see the Related Question.

Right in front of the right claw along the edge.

Please take another and much more careful look, then post a new question. Franklin halves were made from 1948 to 1963 and have Ben's head on the front and the Liberty Bell on the back. Walking Liberty halves were made from 1916 to 1947 and have Miss Liberty (DEFINITELY not a man!) on the front and an eagle on the back. And finally, they're not pure silver - there's 10% copper in both types.

It is not a silver dollar, but a silver "art bar" and its value is directly tied to the spot price of silver. Right now that is about $13 an ounce, so expect a dealer to pay about $10 and sell for $15.

Eisenhower is on the front of the coin, the eagle is on the reverse that's why it's called a Eisenhower dollar. The 1977 coin has no silver regardless of mintmark and is likely only face value especially if it's from a bank or found in circulation.

ALL U.S. coins have the date on them. Just look below the portrait of Miss Liberty!

On the front-LIBERTY ,IN GOD WE TRUST On the back-UNITED STATS OF AMERICA,1oz. FINE SILVER-ONE DOLLAR But first year was 1986 not 1985

A picture of Miss Liberty on the front and an American Eagle on the back. The same themes were used on all silver dollars up to 1935, just different designs over time.

Chief Engraver Charles E Barber designed a Liberty Head series for dimes, quarters, and half dollars, 1892-1916. Miss Liberty was on one side. The other side of the dime had a wreath, that of the quarter and of the half-dollar an eagle.

No, 1924 is a Standing Liberty quarter, Washington quarters started in 1932.

that is a Silver Eagle, the us government sells them as 1OZ silver bullion. it is almost 100% silver. value depends on condition and date, right now silver is about $25.50 per ounce. so that coin is a MINIMUM of $25 at melt value. a 1996 silver eagle in BU (brilliant un-circulated) condition can go for $50+ while a 2003 eagle can co for $26

A Morgan silver dollar is a large dollar coin, on the front there should be a depiction of Lady Liberty's face wearing a small crown saying "LIBERTY" on it the reverse features an eagle with olive branches and arrows and a wreath at the bottom. They were dated 1878 to 1904 and also made in 1921. The only other coin that could be easily confused with a Morgan dollar is a Peace Dollar of which some were also minted in 1921, they have the same size, but the liberty on a Peace dollar looks like there are rays coming out of her head and the reverse of a Peace dollar has an eagle perched on a rock engraved PEACE.