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coke and marijuana and ice

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Q: What is a drug that is not protected by a trademark?
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How long is a trademark?

A trademark is protected for life as long as it is still in use.

Can an address be protected under copyright or trademark laws?

Trademark yes copyright no.

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Trademark Office. However, registration is not required for protection.

Is medicine protected by copyright or patent?

Generally the chemical formula will be protected by patent, and the name and/or logo will be protected as a trademark.

Why can a brand name not be protected by a patent?

Brand names are protected by trademark law, not patent law.

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Yes; logos and slogans are also protected by trademark law.

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It is, almost certainly, registered as a trademark.

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Yes; even if it weren't registered (which it is), it would be protected by common law.

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No. It is not copyrightable in that form, and the Tolkien Estate did not trademark it. Therefore anyone is free to use the word, and indeed it does appear in many other sources.

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