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Eye Floaters

What is a eye floater?

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What is a Rainbow prism floater in left eye?

Sorry, but your eye is gay.

Do eye floater eventually sink to the bottom of the eye?

They just float around randomly, they have no resting place.

Why would I see a broken black circle on left eye?

If it moves about then it is a floater. This happens when the jelly in the eye develops cracks. They often heal.

What can cause big gray blotches in the vision of one eye - not a floater?


Your daughter sees a black dot in her right eye even when she has her eyes closed it doesnt seem to be the same as a floater which she has had in the past?

It is likely to be another floater but you should still get her eyes checked by an Optometrist- better to be safe than sorry.

What goes up but doesn't come down?

a) a soaring ego b) your age c) your weight d) the floater in your eye

What is the greek word for floater?

The Greek word for "Floater" is "επιπλέων".

What causes a floater in one's eye?

The eye contains a gel in the center called the Vitreous Humour. When this shrinks some of the gel can form visible, solids that people refer to as "floaters".

What is an eye floater?

It is a little black speck inside your eyeball. It's usually blood or tissue that is floating around inside the jelly part of your eye. They're a normal part of aging.

Is a black floater in the right eye a very serious condition?

Not usually. I've had one for a couple of years not, but my optometrist said it's actually quite common, but nothing to worry about. I know several other people with eye floaters, as well, who were told the same thing by their eye doctor. But if you're concerned about yours, especially if you've not had an eye exam in a while, you need to see your optometrist or opthamalogist to make sure it is just a common "floater".

Can you get rid of eye floaters related to blood vessels?

Yes, if it is a floater related to blood vessels it takes about 120 days approx. don't quote me.

When was Wake - Floater album - created?

Wake - Floater album - was created in 2010.

What is the definition of the volleyball term floater?

A floater is a type of serve. It refers to the way the ball moves. A good floater will "float", or move around while it's going over the net if there is no spin on the ball. It can be tricky to receive. You can serve a floater standing or jumping.

A certain type of cell that is clearly visible to the human eye?

An Egg A floater that can sometimes be seen in the eye when looking into a blue sky. These were left over blood vessels that were helping to form your eyes before you were born.

What is the difference between a cataract and an eye floater?

The difference is that cataracts is a cloudy film that grows over the eye, it starts very small then get larger. Floaters are dark specks you notice especially when looking at a white wall.

Difference between Fixed and floater medical policy?

the main differences between fixed and floater rigs

Floater in the eye?

Floaters are where bits of the vitreous humor glob together. When this happens, they appear to be little bugs or specs wandering around in your vision. They are completely harmless.

I have a rotating dot in the vision of my right eye It stays in the same place not quite my focal point. I have just flu and didnt have it prior to the illness?

its a floater

Seeing a black dot on left eye?

After a short visit at the opticians, they told me that it was called a 'floater'... Its when a bit of the jelly in your eye-ball comes loose and goes to the front of your eye, hence the black dot. It may be irritating, but there is nothing you can do about it. Your brain will adjust to it, but you just have to get used to it.

When was Acoustics - Floater album - created?

Acoustics - Floater album - was created on 2004-08-03.

Why do floater look like specks are twriley things?

When tiny bits of the fluid in the eye called vitreous humor glob together, they cause these floaters to appear. As light enters the eye, it strikes upon these floaters and casts a shadow on the back of the eye. This is what you are seeing. They are completely harmless.

What is a floater in volleyball?

a floater is an overhand serve that has NO spin on it and swerves thru the air. they are usually very hard and difficult to pass.

How do you drink a margarita with a floater?

You may simply drink the margarita normally. You can also stir the alcohol from the floater into the drink with the straw.

What rhymes with rota?

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How do you do a floater on a surfboard?

One definition of a floater is "a dead body, found in the water". Why one would to imitate that is beyond me. Please be more specific.