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England is part of the United Kingdom.

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Is England a contrey?

Yes, England is in fact a country.

What is city is the capital of England?

The capital of England is in fact London

What is one interesting fact About England?

other interesting facts of england

Is the queen of England the richest woman in England?

No. The richest woman in England is, in fact, J.K. Rowling!

What is a historical fact about London?

its in England

Facts about the New England colonies flag?

fact of new England colonies flag

Is France located East of England?

France is East of England. In fact, the major part of France is south east to England.

What is one fact about the relative location of London England?

London is located in the southern part of England.

Why puritans left england?

do to the fact they wanted the right to speak

What is an fact about the prime meridian?

It passes through Greenwich, England.

Why was William Shakespeare a Christian?

In the England of Shakespeare's day, it was illegal not to be a Christian and in fact it was illegal not to belong to the Church of England.

What are facts about witchcraft in Europe and England?

One fact is that the last law against witchcraft was repealed in England in 1951.

Is Nottingham in the North West?

Nottingham, England is in fact in the East Midlands.

Why did people in England celebrate the British Empire?

London England was at the heart of the British Empire and the people were very proud of that fact.

What is the name of the national Church of England?

The official name of the Church of England, is, in fact, The Church of England. It is the founding member of the collection of international churches known as the Anglican Communion.

The warriors who invaded the north of England in 1066?

It was in fact the Vikings who invaded north of England in 1066 using the information of other sites. :-)

What is a fact about king george the third?

he was the king of England that ruled the revolutionary war.:)

Is the big ben in UK?

Yes, Big Ben is in fact in London, England.

Why did the colonist refuse to pay England taxes?

It was not that the taxes were expensive it was for the fact that they had no representation in Brittan.

Did buffalo bill Cody visit norwich England?

He did in fact on Sept 10th 1903

Did Thomas Paine criticize the king of England?

Yes he did but for a matter of fact he did it for the sake of doing it!

What is the coolest fact about Pixie Lott?

That she is not really from England but from Ireland (or so I've read).

Should England adopt nuclear power?

England adopted nuclear power many years ago, in 1956 in fact (Calder Hall magnox reactors)

Can you convert from the Church of England to become Catholic?

Anyone can convert to Catholicism in fact this is what Jesus wanted.

What could Harold Godwinson not control?

The fact that William the Conqueror and Harald Hardrada were invading England.