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  • Take a sleeping pill. Do not overdose.
  • Most people experience insomnia several times in their lives. Sometimes sleeping on the couch with the TV on low enough to hear will make you drift off to sleep. Insomnia can be caused by stress and it's at night when all is very still (we are inactive) that our brain can become over-reactive if we've had a bad day. Try to stay away from the sleeping pills and go to the pharmacist and ask what they can recommend (there are some products that will help you sleep.) If it becomes serious and goes on for more than 3 days then see your doctor.
  • Insomnia is a terrible affliction though many people have the power to do something about it. A lot of it can come about the approach we take to sleep, with many people just expecting it to happen at a certain time of night. We haven't evolved that way but our lives are demanding it. For example there are techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety, including the use of a notepad to effectively "download" such problems before sleep (a tried and tested approach, which I've used). There are also other things you can do to help you get ready for a good nights sleep (the pre-sleep routine), including taking a warm shower, eating the right type of bedtime snack and others.
  • I think a good natural way for some people to achieve sound sleep is through Yoga Practice. The Yoga breathing exercises help purify and nourish mind and body, through increased supply of oxygen. This vital element that is essential to every cell of the mind and body. During exhalation, toxins get expelled. As a result every nerve, sinew and fiber of the body and mind get oxygenated and relaxed. Over time, and not to long either, relaxation induces good sleep and helps cure insomnia resulting from stress syndromes and other psychosomatic disorders.


In my educated opinion, Mirtazapine, (generic for Remeron) is the ONLY medicine in existence KNOWN to not only help you sleep, but actually improve the QUALITY of sleep.

Look up sleep architecture on Google. Mirtazapine improves sleep architecture. No other drug can do that! You won't see it advertised with pretty butterflies or Abe Lincoln talking to a Beaver but it works!

All the other sedative/hypnotics/benzos/barbiturates/narcotics ambien, lunesta, Valium temazepam, bellergal, meprobomate, actually interfere with this structure that is necessary for RESTFUL sleep.

If you are suffering from insomnia, Remeron (mirtazapine) is what you want. All you have to bear is the break in period, where you'll feel groggy til around mid morning. This passes! Bear it. After three weeks you will feel like you did when you were a teenager who could oversleep on Saturday mornings!

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What is the best way to cure insomnia?

food as medicine,insomnia can't sleep take honey

When was The Cure for Insomnia created?

The Cure for Insomnia was created on 1987-01-31.

What is meant by salt in the wound a cure for insomnia?

Salt in the wound is when the circumstances of your pain is comforted by misery, a cure for insomnia is a contradiction to the term.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cure for Insomnia - 1987?

The cast of The Cure for Insomnia - 1987 includes: Cosmic Lightning as Themselves

What is the longest film made?

Cure for insomnia

What kind of vitamins that helps cure insomnia?

Insomnia can be cause someone is not comfortable. Try vitamin C and D

How insomnia be cureble?

If tit is bad insomnia then you have to cure that in your own mentall ways. But if it is very light insomnia then bedtime tea helps. It may seem stupid but it does.

What is a good way to cure insomnia?

Go to your local doctor and tell them what you are experiencing, then the doctor will prescribe you with medicines that can help you get to sleep and lavender oil.

How long was the longest movie?

The Cure of Insomnia 87 hours (5220 minutes)

Where can one read to learn how to cure insomnia?

Two trusted sources of insomnia cures are WebMD and The Mayo Clinic. Both of these websites offer insights into the causes of insomnia and provide information about cures for the problem

If i have insomnia is there a way to cure it?

sadly no but yes let me explain the government likes money so he makes diseases and viruses then waits a little bit and says to the public DONATE so we can raise enough money to find a cure or create a vaccine. its the same for you there probably is but the government is brutal and will wait until millions get insomnia and then die so he can make money. my point is the government probably has a cure but doesn't care about the world or just anyone in general. . . life su cks this whole world su cks :/ also if ur wondering why im spacing out some words is because the stupid system wont let u say them

What spice was used in the olden days as a cure for insomnia?

Not sure but think it's nutmeg...:)

What book did Christians often place on their foreheads to cure insomnia in medieval times?

The Bible

What book did people in medieval times often place on their foreheads to cure insomnia?

The Bible.

What is teva 74 used for?

Teva 74 has Ambien in it which is used as a short term cure for insomnia.

What is insomnia and how is it treated?

Insomnia is when a person can not sleep. There are many causes for this. The best way to treat insomnia is to find the cause of the problem. Correcting or removing the cause sometimes cures insomnia.

Who was Miss Haversham?

she was a lost Islamic pirate who came to Fiji to to find a cure for insomnia bowel syndrome!!!

What is the longest movie ever made?

The longest movie ever made was about 85 hours, "Cure for Insomnia".

How do cure sickness really fast?

how to

What is the world longest movie?

The world's longest movie is called "Cure for Insomnia" and it's approximately 72 hours.

How fast will hooch cure with yeast?

As fast as i can rape yo mama

Is surgery the only cure for bunions?

No, it is not the cure way but it is the BEST way.

What do people with insomnia do?

They suffer, or find a way to beat it.

Whats the longest movie ever recorded?

The Cure for Insomnia (1987) which has a total running time of 85 hours.

What cause insomnia?

There is no one exact answer to what causes insomnia. It could be many factors such as stress, anxiety, depression or even not having a comfortable bed and pillow. There are many home remedies for insomnia that you can try. Ashwagandha supplement is a really effective way to curb stress and cure insomnia. You can also try camomile tea just before sleeping. It releases antioxidants and helps you sleep better.You can also try exercising before going to bed. If nothing works, you can always head over to LivAyur website and get more insight into how you can sleep better.

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