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Either Popular Mechanics or Popular Science had an article on this a few months ago. Mine was just dented. I was able to take the cover off, use a heat gun carefully on the inside and push the dent out.

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Q: What is a good body filler to use on a Toyota Sienna bumper?
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Do auto body shops have to replace the bumper protector to replace the bumper cover on a 1999 Sienna?

if the bumper protector is damaged yes, or else the cover will have no suppot

Can you repair a plastic bumper?

If they have been damaged by taking a hit, resulting in distortion or tearing ,no. Scratches can be filled with a 2 part plastic filler available at auto shops. Car body filler will not stick .

What is car body filler used for?

Car body filler is used for repairing auto body damage. Car body filler is also sometimes used for wood products as well even though it is intended for use on automobiles.

How and why do you remove paint before using body filler?

You must sand or grind off any paint or rust prior to using body filler because body filler will not adhere well to paint or any other contaminate.

What kind of accessories are available for a Toyota Corolla?

There are a lot of accessories available for a Toyota Corolla like alloy wheel locks, body side molding and door edge guards. Other accessories that are available are rear bumper protection and mudguards.

Where is the fuse for the power sliding door on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

It is under the hood next to the drivers fender. It is a 10 amp fuse and is #13. Hope this helps.09/22/10 Please.... take the car to a body shop, ask them to reprogram the power door computer for $75..... my 2000 sienna power door stopped working.... Toyota wanted over $1000!!!

How do you fix a hole in car body below passenger door?

The hole can be patches with replacement of the metal or with a body filler. a metal backing piece needs to be put in for the filler to have something to adhere to.

Where is the oil filter on a 2000 300M?

if you are under the front bumper with your with the left side of your body to the left of the car (like you were in the driver seat it is slightly to the left just behind the bumper if you are under the front bumper with your with the left side of your body to the left of the car (like you were in the driver seat it is slightly to the left just behind the bumper

Where can you find Toyota Celica body parts?

at Toyota

When was Toyota Auto Body Queenseis created?

Toyota Auto Body Queenseis was created in 1951.

Whcih auto body place does bumper repairs in the Syracuse, NY area?

There are two main bumper repair companies in Syracuse. Sandy's Bumper Mart and Mobile Paintless Dent Repair both specialize in bumper repairs in your area.

How much does it cause to replace a Toyota Highlander front bumper?

about $1000+/- $100 for bumper cover, labor to r/r and paint it from two reliable body shops. Shocking.Added: In the SE area of the US the above is a good round estimate. Had to have this done to mine about 4 months ago. The cost can actually be increased by the necessity to repair or replace any of the associated mounting hardware, and the need to color-match the bumper to the body paint.

How do you remove a Toyota Yaris bumper?

Open the Hood of the car. You will see where the bumper attaches to the body. there, you will see these black studs. Push the center of the stud in, then the whole stud will push up towards you. Remove all of the studs you will see, then the bumper should come off pretty easily. The Japanese sure did a good job on those black studs. There are also some screws underneath, it's pretty easy to open it though, don't forget to unscrew them off before you pull out the bumper.

Can a front bumper on BMW 316 fit BMW 318?

a front bumper on a same year 316 will fit on a 318 if they are both the same body style. For instance a coupe bumper will fir on a coupe and a sedan on a sedan but you can't put a coupe bumper on a sedan.

In what part of the body of the car of a 1998 Toyota Siena LE is fuel filter?

On your 1998 Toyota Sienna LE the fuel filter is located under the vehicle, on the passenger side of the car, below the seating area, in front of fuel tank, and is mounted on chassis of the vehicle. If you crawl under the vehicle you will easily spot the fuel filter.

How do you Replace bumper on 1994 Buick century?

Take it to a body shop.

Where is the throttle plate in Toyota Sienna located?

If you remove the large (3-4" diameter) rubber tube that starts at the airbox and ends at the engine intake, you will see the throttle plate a couple inches inside the bore of the throttle body (where the hose was attached).

How much does it cost to replace Toyota Highlander rear bumper?

Due to varying prices and economic conditions prevailing around the country - the cost of auto parts and the prevailing cost of body shops - this question cannot be answered with any specifics. If it is nothing more than the bumper itself and you are replacing it with a brand new part - perhaps 400 to 600 dollars.

How do you install the rear bumper to body seal on 1969 nova?

Check the manual.

What caravan is suitable for a beginner?

the caravan that is suitable is the 96-00 caravan because of the easy steering and car like body but be careful since there is a recall that it can roll away even in the drive position.i would suggest you should buy the Toyota sienna(the replacement of the Toyota previa)buy the 98-02 model because of the car like driving position.

Will a 1992 Toyota hiace engine fit a 1998 Toyota hiace body?

yes it can

How wide is a Toyota prius?

A 2012 Toyota Prius exterior body width is 68.7"

Where can one get a car bumper painted?

You can get a car bumper painted at a local auto body shop such as Maaco. You can also get bumper work done at your local Auto Zone location. You can learn more about Auto Zone at the official Auto Zone website.

Does the AT dipstick filler tube disconnect from the oil pan while changing the filter on a 1994 Toyota Pickup V-6 2wd?

No it doesn't disconnect from the Transmission Oil Pan. The AT dipstick filler tube is connected to the body of the transmission. Good Luck and Remember.Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.See My Bio For more information.

How do you remove a Chevy blazer filler neck?

Remove all fasteners behind the filler neck door that attach the upper filler neck assembly to the car body. Remove ground strap if applicable. Loosen and slide clamps up from tank end of filler neck then wiggle the filler hose assembly off the tank and out. Take care not to allow dirt and crud to enter the tank. Removing the clamp on the tank end of the filler neck assembly will be a test of your dexterity skills but it can be done.

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