What is a good book for a 14 year old?

I won't say Harry Potter or Twilight in case you are wondering. I recommend:

-Maximum Ride, a series about a family that has the ability to fly, running away and fighting evil, and discovering the truth about themselves.

-Cirque Du Freak, is about Darren Shan, a normal teenager that is turned into a vampire and finds himself in a war between vampires and vampeneeze.

-Pendragon, is a series written in a form of journal from a "traveler" who jumps to different dimensions(including futuristic Earth) and saving them from another "traveler" who is bent on destroying them.

-Artemis Fowl, is about a teenage criminal mastermind who uncovers a race of faries that live below the Earth's surface.

-Rot and Ruin, a novel about a teenager in a zombie-infested world, learning that sometimes humans are more monstrous than zombies.

All of them have action, a bit of romance(not sure about Artemis Fowl), a bit of blood , and time for you to think about the character's situation.