What is a good boy dog name for a Yorkshire puppy?

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My dog's name is Angus...but other names my family and I have come up with for future pups are:
and other various names making fun of their ears :)
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What are good names for puppies?

It depends on what kind of dog your getting and if it's a male or female: Enjoy! (: -Males: . Charlie . Max . Oliver . Ace . Shadow . BO . Wilbur Fat puppy/ dog . Hercules . Oreo . Marley . Bruno . Maverick . Sammy (Boy; Girl) -Females: . Food names: ex. cupcake, butter ( Full Answer )

Is dry dog food bad for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

Small breeds and dry food . Your best bet is to ask your vet or a Yorkie breeder. For most small breeds you begin giving puppy food at around 7-8 weeks. Take the dry food and soak it in hot water. Make it oatmeal consistency Until they are able to chew dry food, continue wetting the food a bit. T ( Full Answer )

How do you feed Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

1) Put dog food in a bowl.* 2) Place bowl on ground where the puppy can access it. 3) Always provide fresh water. * Look for a dog food that doesn't contain wheat or corn. There will be a label on the back telling you how much food you should be giving your dog daily based on its weight.

How do you feed a Yorkshire puppy?

Well, they are supposed to feed on the moms nipples, which they suck and get milk from. but you can bottle feed them, like a baby.

What is a good name for a boy dog?

Sometimes it really depends on the type or maybe even the size of the dog. Big Dog: - Rosco - Rex - Riley - King - Harley - Cassius - Zeke - Drago - Diesel Small Dog: - Angus - Pascal - Harvey - Thor - Titus - Dozer - Mercury - Apollo - Pluto - Zeus

Can boy dogs have puppies?

No only a female can fall pregnant with a litter of puppies but if she is desexed then she cant either

Boy puppy names?

My puppy is a boy and he is called oscar. He is a giant teddy bear schnoodle. . Ummm... . George . rover . tom . Marlie! or oliver . I have no clue...what type of dog is it?

Are Yorkshire terriers good for beginner dog owners?

They are awesome dogs. If you are not looking for a lot of work with your dog it's best to go with a Shih Tzu or Maltese. If you are up for the challenge you for sure should get a Yorkshire terrier. Yorkshire terriers(yorkies) need to be groomed a lot, need a lot of love and care and they are a smal ( Full Answer )

What is a good name for a female puppy?

Ky ky, Paris, Jenna, Shasta, Abby, Izzy, Minnie, Mariah, Kayla, Jayden, Crystal, Jade, Ruby, Tink, Tinkerbell, Ashy, Cara, Lady, Bug, Ladybug, Silvermist, Fauna, Chloe, Terra, Blondie, Macy, Coby, Lola, Lila, Princess, Cookie, Gizmo, Hannah, Pandra, Daisy, Dazzle, Diomond, Sapphire, Goldie, Smiley, ( Full Answer )

What are good names for a girl puppy?

Possible suggestions: Lilly , Ruby , Jess, Charlie, Alfie, Archie , Jay, Oscar, Nutmeg, Lola, Sasha, JJ, Lillia, Biscuit.

What is a good name for a puppy?

Its best to name your puppy based on its personality, looks or whatever you think fits him or her best. Here are a few ideas. Female: Magic Rainbow Sparkle Holly Misty Hazel snuffle/snuffy! Stella Honey/honeycomb Male: Rolo Charlie Harry Pip Pepper Rex More Names: ( Full Answer )

What are some good puppy names?

hi, some cute and good puppy names: Boys: Jack, Charlie, Harry, Boi/Boy, Rocky, Sammie, Chocolate, Truffles, Jay, J.J/ But it does depend on what it the dog looks like! Girls (again depending on what it looks like) Sasha, Lillia, Lily, Lola, Minnie, Tilly, Molly/Mollie/ Carmel, Carmen/ Faye/Pop ( Full Answer )

Whats a good puppy name?

spotty,angel,dog,trouble,prince,princess,bear,roxy,pooky,edward,junebug,taylor,edward I have some suggestions and the names I have thought of are Guardian, Murphy, Bubba, Copper, Jesse, Annie, Ankara, Kira, Ali, Alex, Alexander, Roxanne, Baby, Raylen, Jessica, Berry, Martini, and Cody. :) .

Good puppy names?

little bit,if the puppy is little.snow flake if the puppy is white.banjo if its a beagle,hound,or kind of hunting dog.spot if it has any kind of spots.or what kind of personality it has or what he look like,if its sweet name it sugar or if it looks like a tiger name it tiger,hope i helped.

What are good puppy names?

Dino, Sunshine, Snowball, Queen, Princess, Prince, Henry, Buddy, Russ, Gussie, Anna Bell, Coco, Jack, Jackie, Bo, Rascal, Bubba, Delgado, Mark

What name for a puppy will be good?

Ok im only 13 and i dont no much but we have alot of names for a puppy we got recently:. Stella. Sooty. Bonnie. Dolly. Charlie. Logan. Milo

What is a good name for a cavapoo puppy?

I have a cavapoo puppy (she's the best!) her name is Willow. I also think Cricket is a good name, too. Fifi,Tink,Taylor,Lucy,Coco,Snoopy,Maggie,Maisie,Bella,Lily are good names aswell

Is Jackson a good name for a puppy?

Yes it is a good name. I just recently got a jack Russell cross Pomeranian, and I called him Jackson. He loves his name. He comes to it all the time.

What are some boy names for puppies?

Jake ----- I personally believe that dog boy's names should be names you would expect old men to have, like Jasper. they're cuter.

Is Anya a good name for a puppy?

It depens on the puppy but, it is perfect luv it.. It's is an excellent name! Unique and CUTE!!!

What are a good puppy names?

Some good boy puppy names are Max, Louie, Diesel, Buddy, Spike,Thor, and Chico. Some good girl puppy names are Sasha, Holly, Lola,Angel, Misty, Lacey, and Maggie.

What is a good name for a boy black lad puppy?

It really depends on the personality of the pup. I had a male puppy once that wagged his tail SO hard, his whole rear moved! So we named him Waggles. Observe your puppy, and think of special observations, people, family, hobbies, and things you like. Some boring names are Buddy, Blackie, and Spot. D ( Full Answer )

What is a good name for a miniature schnauzer cross with a Yorkshire terrier?

You have a Snorkie! If your dog is anything like our miniature Schnauzer mix (he's a rescue dog, and we don't know what the other part is), he/she is probably a good escape artist. After ours had lived with us for a couple days and defied his puppy gate and all the other barricades we put up to kee ( Full Answer )

What is a good puppy male names?

If I had a boy puppy I would call it: Scooter, Blue, Muffin, Coco, Popcorn, Buddy, Buster, Chipper, Kipper, Chestnut, Willow, Misty, Sapphire. I hope you like these names but make sure it will suit your dog forever so don't call a tiny Labrador Tiny Tim because when its ( Full Answer )

What Are Good Pappillon Puppy Names For Boys And Girls?

For female Papillons, five names I think are nice are: - Rikki - Dawn - Blaze - Roxy - Amythyst (or Ammy for short) For male Papillons, five names I think are nice are: - Joey - Benji - Darcy - Truffles - Reno

Good names for a boy dog?

These are the top 20 names: 1. Moxie 11. Mojo 2. Cruiser 12. Frisbee 3. Pugly 13. Dapper 4. Fabio 14. Bentley 5. Tango 15. Hunter 6. Monet 16. Atticus 7. Alphie 17. Atlas 8. Dorito 18. Carson 9. Winston 19. Stormy 10. Painter 20. Pretzel

Is a Yorkshire terrier good with other dogs?

Yorkies are good with mostly any dog. with its cheery attitude they find a way to play. yorkies are also great with children and they can be very mellow if you give them attention. but also as puppies they do need to go on walks atleast twice a week if not more. but in conclution the dog is great wi ( Full Answer )

Is Jojo a good name for a puppy?

Jojo is a good name as it's easy for the puppy to pick up on which makes it easier for you to train it to come back to you

What dog food is good for puppies?

You should never feed a puppy dog food. They need puppy food. And any puppy food is good for them, but I personally suggest "Purina Puppy Chow."

Willow is a good name for a puppy?

It depends on the puppy. If you think the name suits the dog then its a great name. one time i had a cat and it acted like it was curious about everything so i named curious, even called it curiosity sometimes. just remember if you like the name and the dog responds good to it then its a good name : ( Full Answer )

Is Charm a good puppy name?

Its sweet yes, but its not up to other people to decide. If you truly want to call your dog Charm, go for it! Any name suits a dog.

When a female dog has puppies do you have to keep the boy dog away?

Depends on the breed of dog, with most more aggressive breeds, it might be smart to keep him away. However, in wolves, wild dogs, and even domestic breeds, it is a common instinctual reaction of the female to not to let the male near her puppies. If the female doesn't growl or try to bite him or scr ( Full Answer )

What is a good name for a Boy dog or girl dog?

a good and popular name for a girl dog is poppy but theres also goldie which can be used for both boy and girl. a couple of boy dogs names are: . tosca . sammy . marley . bobby . zeus

Why do dogs and puppies make good pets?

Dogs are generally good pets because they are naturally drawn to being in a family unit and they can offer protection by barking if an intruder enters your home and because they offer unconditional love to their owners.

What are good puppy names for Dachsunds?

There are several good names for both male and female Dachsunds. Good puppy names for males include Oscar, Fenway, Peewee, and Bogart. Good puppy names for females include Lipstick, Kiwi, and Scarlet.

What is a good dog treat for a puppy?

A good dog treat for a puppy is either a small dog cookie or a soft toy. These are great treats because it has minimal chance of harming the puppy, while it can be enjoyable.