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What is a good college to attend in Louisiana if you want to become a teacher?


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You can research colleges and universities in any state by going to and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine. You can request a list of colleges that meet your needs. You can search by name of institution, or program of study, and geographical location. The site will give a list of schools based on your request, their background, accreditation, programs of study, tuition and fees, entrance requirements, etc.

Make sure the colleges you consider have a regional accreditation. In this way you can be assured the degree will be recognized as valid and bona fide by other colleges and universities as well as employers. This will be very important within the field of education.

You will have to decide on which type of teaching degree to pursue. In other words Early Childhood Education (pre-K - 3rd grade), or Elementary Education (4th grade - 12th grade).