What is a good credit rating score?

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650 is considered very good, meaning creditors will be making you offers, good ones. 650-620 is good, everything under 620 is considered risky, the amount of risk correlating with the score itself.

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Q: What is a good credit rating score?
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Related questions

How good is a 489 credit rating?

I got an apartment with this credit score, actually pretty good.

Is 444 a good credit rating score?

No. It is quite bad.

What is a high credit score rating?

A high credit score rating means someone is in good standing credit wise. They are prompt in payments and always pay payments in full. A good credit score is sought after by many people, because its a mark of a responsible person.

Would closing a credit card damage my credit score?

Yes closing a credit card can damage your credit score. But as long as everything else is good it should not affect you credit rating to much. Look for tips to keep a good credit card rating.

Is 850 a good credit rating score?

That's the highest possible.

What is a good equifax credit score?

Equifax is one of the major three credit bureaus. According to their rating system, a good credit score is between 725 and 759.

What is the difference between credit score and credit rating?

The difference between credit score and credit rating is simple Credit score (or credit history) is the history of paying back debt where as credit rating the the reputation for paying back money owing

How good is a credit rating score of 810?

Quite good. I believe the range is 500-850.

What does a high fico score mean?

A high fico score means you could have anywhere from a good credit rating to an excellent credit rating. If you have a high fico score, it means you pay your bills on time with no late or missing payments.

Is 801 credit score good?

Yes. according to credit score rating this means that your credit score ranks higher than 99.84% of U.S. consumers. This is current as of 7/7/08.

What is poor credit score rating?


Does paying bills improve your credit score?

Yes, payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score. So paying your bills on time will help you maintain a good credit rating.

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