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A 50/50 mix of Dawn dish washing liquid and water will degrease almost anything. Some water is required to carry away the grease residue, so don't try using straight Dawn.

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Can I use the Uline brand degreaser on my cook top stove?

Yes you can use Uline brand degreaser on a cook top stove.

Is acetone a degreaser?

Yes. Acetone is a degreaser

What is the best way to clean up a kerosene spill?

Using kitty litter would be a good start. After that, the use of a serious degreaser would help.

How can you formulate engine degreaser?

the chemicals used to make the degreaser and how to make it

What is the best cleaner or degreaser spray to use on a blued pistol?

Simple Green

Is epoxy paint thinner a degreaser?

To a degree, but if you are concerned use lacquer thinner.

What products do you use to clean smoke damage?

simple green cleans anything You would use a two bucket method with a degreaser-type detergent. One would have the degreaser, the second bucket would be the rinse water.

What ingredient in glass cleaners is a good degreaser and works well to remove heavy residue from the glass?

Use ammonia based cleaners. But a razor blade works too

What equipment do they use to predict a a tsunami?

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How do you make degreaser?

i am looking for any one that can give me information on how to make engine degreaser and or hand cleaner

What is the best degreaser?

Best degreaser I've used for car type applications is Spartan SD-20.

What is the best way to clean chrome dumbells?

Use Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner With Degreaser.

Does degreaser or disinfectant kill bacteria?

Disinfectant kills bacteria, degreaser is used to break grease and oils down.

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A good place to find Fitness equipment for sale would be from Using Craigslist, you can find local listings at a good price. You can also use your own judgment to decide what equipment you think is good quality.

What equipment does a Parasitologist use?

What equipment does a Parasitologist use

How do you clean gym equipment?

Choose a cleaner that contains an antibacterial, antiviral solution, which will kill cold and flu germs. The cleaner should also contain a degreaser to remove any grease left behind from the pulleys, treadmills or other working parts of the equipment.

How do i learn what Vapor Degreasing is?

To find out what a Vaopr Degreaser does you can search it on the Internet. Sites such as give a very good explanation.

Can acetone be used for aluminum cleaning?

Kinda-sorta. It'll be an effective but nasty degreaser, but not very good against oxidation.

How do you get grease out of clothes?

you wash them with degreaser

Is paint thinner a degreaser?

NO has oil in it.

How do you make liquid degreaser with Sodium sulphate?

You make the liquid degreaser with sodium sulphate by mixing it with potassium hydroxide and sodium silicate.

How do you clean oil off concrete so you can paint?

A good degreaser should work. Also, look into muriatic acid, that is supposed to be a good concrete cleaner.

What are the general rules in the use of cleaning equipment?

Rules for the use of cleaning equipment depend on the type of cleaning equipment is being used. Using the equipment safely would be a general rule. Keeping the equipment clean and in good condition is another general rule. Other general rules might be storing the equipment properly, storing chemicals properly, and using the correct chemicals.

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