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A 50/50 mix of Dawn dish washing liquid and water will degrease almost anything. Some water is required to carry away the grease residue, so don't try using straight Dawn.

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Q: What is a good degreaser for use on equipment?
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Can I use the Uline brand degreaser on my cook top stove?

Yes you can use Uline brand degreaser on a cook top stove.

Is acetone a degreaser?

Yes. Acetone is a degreaser

What is the best way to clean up a kerosene spill?

Using kitty litter would be a good start. After that, the use of a serious degreaser would help.

What is a vapor degreaser used for?

A vapor degreaser uses vapor or steam to clean a surface so that more work can be done on a surface. A vapor degreaser is a relatively sophisticated machine and one requires specialized training to use it so as not to ruin a surface.

What is the best cleaner or degreaser spray to use on a blued pistol?

Simple Green

Is epoxy paint thinner a degreaser?

To a degree, but if you are concerned use lacquer thinner.

How can you formulate engine degreaser?

the chemicals used to make the degreaser and how to make it

What products do you use to clean smoke damage?

simple green cleans anything You would use a two bucket method with a degreaser-type detergent. One would have the degreaser, the second bucket would be the rinse water.

What ingredient in glass cleaners is a good degreaser and works well to remove heavy residue from the glass?

Use ammonia based cleaners. But a razor blade works too

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What is the purpose of a degreaser?

The purpose of a degreaser is to clean surfaces of oils and grease which water can not clean on its own accord. The degreaser uses its chemical substances to tackle hard stains.

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