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What is a good detox program for a 14-year-old that is not very harsh on the body?



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I feel badly for you as it must be pretty scary for you. Detox Centers aren't there to make your life miserable. You can talk to your doctor (without your parents) and be honest to the doctor! Tell them you want to go to Detox, but you are afraid and you need to know what is going to happen to you. Some Detox Centers take you off gradually and give you SOME medications to lessen any side effects while others prefer "cold turkey" meaning no aid for vomiting, cramps, etc. You can choose what one you want to go too. If you post under this post and let us know what town/city you live in I'd be more than happy to research this for you so you can start detoxing. I'm really proud of you and you're one smart young man!