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Eat protein: chicken, steak,and fish. and do kruches,situps,bicycles, pushups, and pullups.

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What are the five components of exercise?

cardio-respitory endurance,muscular endurance,muscular strength,weight management,and body comp.

What is physical exercise?

Its exercise that involves moving your body to build muscle strength.

Is swimming cardio exercise?

yes. It's also a full-body muscular workout.

How do you build muscle strength?

exercise and noroushing your body

How do you know if you need more protein?

Protein helps build many essential parts of a person's body; particularly muscle. If you feel that you are not muscular enough, you should exercise more and eat more protein.

What does lethal build mean As in describing someone's body build?

Easy Lethal = Killer (mostly) Build = Body Put both together and you get "killer body". You know, like a boxer or a wrestler or a lifeguard. Muscular and toned.

What component of health related fitness does exercise such a jump rope for heart aim to improve?

cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition.

What is the best chest exercise for building upper body strength?

To build upper body strength the best chest exercise is lifting weights.Dumbells are the easiest way.Start on smaller weights and build up to heavy weights.

What body systems are effected when you exercise?

Muscular, skeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems directly and endocrine system indirectly.

What are the effects of exercise on the body?

The effects are that you will build up muscle and lose fat

Is Justin Bieber ripped?

Yes, Justin Bieber is muscular. He has more a dancer's build, which means he is skinny but muscular. Ergo, he has a very low body fat percentage.

Will using an exercise ball build muscle?

An exercise ball is very good for toning your body. There are several exercises you can do with an exercise ball to tone and strengthen your body. Most exercise balls come with some directions for toning exercises.

What is the best exercise to slim down?

Any exercise is good exercise when you want to slim down. Planking is actually a full body workout that helps to build muscle.

What is the build of a chimpanzee's body?

Although short, chimps are very thickly built creatures. They have no body fat, which is why they can't swim. They are naturally muscular and have dense bones.

What is a cardio?

Cardio is a exercise that helps you lose body fat, your heart healter ,and build musclemass.

How does swimming help your body?

It improves the body's muscular structure (Including Biceps and Triceps) and improve your overall fitness as swimming is a Cardiovascular exercise.

What does the muscular system do for your human body?

The muscular system allows for movement in the human body.

What does your muscular system do?

the muscular makes your body move

What is the job description of exercise science?

An exercise science position will be teaching exercise from a scientific basis like how to build muscle mass, what to eat and what kind of exercises are good for the human body. They may be involved in weight loss or body building.

What system works with bones to allow body movement?

muscular systemMuscular system.MuscularMuscular

What is body conditioning?

Body conditioning is the exercise and practice to build the body up for either improved normal performance, as in physical therapy, or in preparation for sports performance.

What sport gives you the most exercise?

Swimming is a sport which gives you the most exercise. It uses your whole body just to get across to the other side of the pool. Sports like soccer, help build stamina. Swimming helps build muscle, and for younger children, helps with your height,. I think swimming is a great exercise for your overall body.

What type of endurance does aerobic exercise build?

cardiovascular endurance usually, but it depends on the exercise really. aerobic exercise requires movement that uses oxygen in the body. That means that the longer you can do the aerobic exercise, such as running, the stronger your heart is.

What does muscular system do?

The muscular system works with the skeletal system and is responsible for movement of the body and things in the body. Another thing it does is generated heat to keep us warm, plus, it helps circulate blood and lymph. Those are just some of the reasons that exercise is so good for you.

What word describes a person with a muscular body?

Buff is a word that describes a person with a muscular body.

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