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You can either discuss a diet with your doctor and he will recommend a nutritionist for you, or "Weight Watchers" is a good place to go for "corrective eating habits." If you are not over-weight you still need to know how to eat well and of course exercise is a must. Just because one is slim does not mean they are eating well. Brisk walks, swimming are excellent forms of exercise as is Yoga, Tai Chi. The point is to heal the "body, mind and soul" as they are all inter-connected. Stress is the main factor for Heart disease as well as genetic. Check with your doctor regarding what I have suggested and whatever you do ... don't over-exercise to prove a point. Take it slow and easy and build up your strength. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What is a good diet for a 46-year-old slender built white female at risk of heart disease?
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