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KIA Soul Definitely. For a girl or a guy especially a teen.

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2011-09-05 02:56:45
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Q: What is a good first car for a teen girl?
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Is a classic car a good first car for a teen?

Yes it is bc it's something good for them to work on I have a classic my self an I'm 15

What is the song about a girl dying in a car crash?

Teen Angel

Is the Ford Probe GT a good first car for a teen?

if its in good condition its about the best car your going to get, they may be old but they run amazing and they are cheep on gas, and huge engine for a small car, my ford probe has a truck engine in it, 3.0L V6

Why is teen mom jenelle in jail?

The first time she went the jail is because they found drugs in her car. The second time is for beating up a girl that Keefer used to go out with.

Is a Kia Soul a good first car?

I think they are a good first car that's what I want for my first car.

Is a 2002 Honda Civic a good first car for a teen?

It's the right size and it's reliable, but it's over ten years old - it depends on the mileage.

Any advice or tips for teen drivers?

Tips for the first time teen driving I would say being able to be in control of the car and not letting little distractions be the caused of a car accident.

Is rx8 a good first car?

yes its perfect for a first car

Is a bmw 750i a good first car?

A BMW 750i is a good first car if you can really afford it.

Is a Ford Mustang for an acceptable first car for a teen?

No. Ford is not a Mustang for an acceptable first car for a teen. =============================================================================== That would depend on which model and model year of Ford Mustang For many years my kids used a 1988 Ford Mustang , 2.3L four cylinder

What a good name for a girl?

Lotus, I'm a car guy.

Can you impress a girl with a first car?

Yes, but is she is really interested in you she wont car about what your car looks like.

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