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What is a good free crafting site?


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2009-12-19 01:45:25
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Free Crafting Sites

Here are opinions and recommendations from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • A good site that has free craft patterns, projects, sewing, knitting and holiday crafts is: http://www.dianescrafts.com.
  • MarthaStewart.com has tons of free craft ideas
  • www.craftster.org - lots of different types of crafts and is user-driven - crafters from many countries post (and you can post your finished crafts too) on the site and most sections have a link for tutorials that users have posted on how to craft items that they have made. Many of the items are reconstructed from other items, so a wonderful site if you are on a low budget. They also have a monthly themed craft challenge you can particpate in.
  • http://www.about.com/homegarden/ - On the left hand side of the page they have a "Home Crafts" section that offers a variety of crafting topics.
  • The craft section at Instructables.com - this is another user-driven site where users contribute how to make their craft ste-by-step and usually includes pictures. Crafts range from the conventional to the bizarre.

A few more resourceful sites include [many of them even have video demos] :









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