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What is a good historical time period for a story?


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Nobody can answer this question except you!

You have to write about something that is interesting to you, or you won't be able to finish the thing. What historical time period are you interested enough to research?

You will need to do enough research so that you can describe every aspect of the era - clothing, culture, swear words, politics, common problems - everything!

If you don't already love the historical time period, you won't do the work, and you won't write the story.

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Historical fiction is fiction set in a historical time period. We can't suggest "good" ideas because we don't know which eras of history are interesting enough for you to do your research and write a good story about. Pick a historical time and start learning all about it, and you'll find plenty of ideas!

Historical setting helps to provide the context of a story. For example, historical setting would give the reader some details about time period, the society in which the story takes place, etc.

A story of an historical time..

A historical period, or era as it's sometimes called, is a period of time that is readily identifiable by particular things, events and or persons that happened or existed during that time.

An historical novel. Almanac, Chronicle, Manuscript, Legend, Transcript, Journal, Archive, Memoir, Periodical.

i don't think there is a time period mentioned in the story

Modern Art appears before the Baroque Period on a historical timeline.

.the way the culture and the time in which the author writes influences the story

The way the culture and the time in which the author writes influence the story

A time period has a line of time events.

a. Primitive Time b. Classical Period c. Renaissance Period d. Modern Time

It represents part of the view of the time period.

The setting is the time and location in which the story takes place. Here are some things to think about when you are planning your setting:Place - the geographical locationTime - historical period, time of day, time of year, etc.Weather - what is going on outside during the story?Mood - what are the emotions of the characters during the story?Social Conditions - what is going on in the culture during the story? What is the society that the characters live in?

The time of a story is known as its period. A play is said to be a period-play if it involved a specific time frame.The place of a story is known as its setting. This also has a dramatic equivalent in stage settings.

"Period clothing" refers to the type of clothing that was worn during a particular period of history, as examples, during the 1600s... 1800s. Dressing in or wearing clothing of a particular period of time is used during historical re-enactments or during special festivals geared to that historical time. Note that in order to dress in the correct "period clothing", it requires a person to have a good understanding of history and historical events. For example, showing up in 1920s flapper clothes would not do when attending a Civil War (1865-67) historical re-enactment.

It would be good for you to specify some historical period. At the present time, Jews live in many parts of the world and are near every ocean. In a much earlier historical period, Jews lived mainly in Israel, which has a coast on the Mediterranean Ocean.

Although it's never stated for certain, the time period in the Cask of Amontillado is probably the 18th or 19th century. The use of torches, Montresor's cape and the vocabulary used in the story are all clues about the time period in which the story was set.

The Jacobean period, that is to say in the reign of James I.

I believe Melleville was Victorian Era

range of people from that historical time names eg. half shilling and whole shilling historical period of time

Historical fiction is fiction set in the past - that is a made up story that takes place in a historical time, but non-fiction is not fiction, it is factual, it is true information, not a story.

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