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What is a good homemade ant killer?

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Quite by accident while away from home, I found out that toothpaste will kill ants immediately on contact (it was all I had available when I noticed an invasion one night.) These were very intrepid and adamant ants, even resistant to squashing. But when, in desperation, I smeared a glob along their marching path, they stopped dead in their tracks. I don't know if different brands have the same effect, but what I had on hand was some cheap off-brand stuff. It also kept them at bay when I globbed it around their entrance hole, but I don't know if it kept working after the toothpaste dried.

Other than that, I've seen numerous recipes for homemade bait, with the active ingredient being boric acid (Borax.) You mix it with sugar, honey, molasses, or any other sweet to bait the ants, then they take it back to their nests and the boric acid poisons the entire colony. The ratio of boric acid to sweet ingredients varies widely in the recipes, and I think you just need to experiment until you find the recipe that works for your variety of ant. I'd start with a cup of honey or corn syrup with 2 Tablespoons of Boraxo mixed in first, then see how the ants take to it. If there's too much Boraxo, they might not take the bait, but if there's too little, they might gobble it up without dying. Some ants like meat/protein, so you could also mix the Boraxo with bacon grease or peanut butter.

With Boraxo, you have to be careful that it's kept out of reach by kids or pets. One idea I read online recommended putting the bait in plastic containers with holes punched for the ants to get in, but I don't know of any toddler who can't open a yogurt container. I'd just be really careful if I had kids around. Make sure the ants can get in & out, but not the kids or Fido.

Another thing I've read for a bait they take back to kill the nest is using baker's yeast mixed with a sweet. The idea is that the yeast will expand and kill them when they eat it. I don't know if it works as well as the Boraxo recipe, but the advantage is that yeast won't poison kids or pets.

There are other things that work, if you just want a spray poison to kill them immediately (such as bleach water, ammonia, vinegar), but it seems worth it to take the time to bait them so they'll eventually die off and never come back.

2009-09-13 23:22:07
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Q: What is a good homemade ant killer?
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There are many kinds of ant killer sprays and powders provided that are not exactly environment friendly so I would suggest strongly a homemade or natural ant killer that works extremely well and is good for the Earth. Here is a great website to provide you with information and some recipes.

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An ant killer that would get of them for good would be Raid Ant Killer. It is very powerful.

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your foot

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Foam soap, lime juice, iced tea, and water. take the foam off the top and drizzle it on the top of the ants. i did this. it works. wait 5 minutes for the killer to work in. the soap will fade. blow on the soap. the ant will be dead.

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The best way to get rid of any type of ant is by using an ant killer. You can purchase a natural ant killer if you have children in your home.

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Raid Ant Killer can kill whatever you choose, yes, that does include squirrels!

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Ants are not good to have in the house. We have an ant problem in my house, and I would suggest using ant killer powder.

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An ironic way to die.

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It's a poison used for ant killer.

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Pee in a bottle and use that.

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If you have an ant problem in your home or garden, you need to purchase ant killer to eliminate these annoying pests. Not all ant killers are created equal, and you need to know which kind to purchase so that you do not waste your money on pesticides that do not work. When you shop for ant killer, look for a product that contains poison that the ants carry back to their nest. This causes the entire colony to die out, which solves your ant problem quickly and effectively.

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Is ant killer made from chrysanthemums?

Most ant baits are Boric-based. Any pyrethrum insecticide (contact sprays) etc. are.

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