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What is a good mortgage company than can help you out of chapter 13?

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A Mortgage company can not help you get out of chapter 13 when your ten years is up then your be out.

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Is Jacksonville home mortgage good and does it help with financial needs?

From what I can tell, yes Jacksonville Home Mortgage seems to be a good reputable company. They also offer loans which could be used to help ease your financial needs.

What is one company that offer reverse mortgage quote's?

You can contact any mortgage company or bank or you can call AARP and they will help you to get the quote you are looking for. your phone book is also a good place to look.

Where can one find a California mortgage company?

A California mortgage company can be found on the internet at the First California Mortgage Company website. There is a wealth of knowledge on the website that should help answer any problems you come across.

Can a mortgage company help with foundation issues?

No!A REAL ANSWERThe mortgage company has no legal responsibility for any repair or fault within your house. All they did was lend you money. BUTIf you have equity in your house they may be willing to "RENEGOTIATE" your mortgage to help you pay for any large repair.

Is there a mortgage company in Chicago that can help me refinance my mortgage?

You should try Illinois Legal aid, they can help you refinance. I would not recommend Chase Mortgage, due to the high number of complaints from customers regarding it.

What are the going rates if I want to refinance my va mortgage loan?

The rates to refinance a va mortgage loan varies. It depends on the mortgage company and the individual obtaining the mortgage. The rates for refinancing vary depending on a variety of factors. Your should talk to your mortgage company or a financial consultant to help in this endeavor.

How much is a mortgage?

There is no universal price for a mortgage as there are numerous factors in any given situation such as the nature of the house, its assets, and the financial situation of the person looking to buy it. Ultimately, a mortgage company will help determine whether or not you can afford to buy a house or refinance a mortgage on it. A good mortgage company will try to help you in any possible way by helping you find good loan solutions depending on your income and credit history and keeping you in the loop on any financial perks that might be available to you. Again though, there is really no universal price for mortgages as there are too many factors that can play into it. Depending on what type of financial situation you are in, you can receive additional loans with the assistance of a credible and reliable mortgage company.

Who is a good Mortgage Attorney in Texas?

The Dallas mortgage attorneys of the Armstrong Law Firm can help you resolve these problems. A mortgage lawyer can advise you of your rights or even help you initiate a lawsuit, where necessary.

How can you pay your mortgage?

The easiest way is by working with a credible mortgage company; this will not only provide you with the best financial solution possible, but will also take a lot of the stress off of buying a house. A mortgage company will look at your income and credit information, as well into the nature of the house you are looking to buy itself, to determine if you are eligible to receive any type of loans. Once this process is finalized and approved, you will forwarded the loans at the place of settlement. Get in contact with a good mortgage company and they will help you determine the best way for you to pay off your mortgage.

What services does Radian provide for it's customers?

Radian is a lending company. They help consumers get a loan for a mortgage, or they help a current homeowner make there mortgage more affordable if they are having trouble.

Can you get a mortgage in Virginia with an agreement to deed the land to a person after the estate with no debts or liens is settled?

No. The mortgage Company wants their money. I think a mortgage lender could more help you with this one.

Is there another way to re-negociate your mortgage if your mortgage co will not?

Visit the Neighborhood Assistance Corp of America at the link below.They may be able to help you negotiate with your mortgage company.

Is Bank Mutual a mortgage company or an actual bank?

Bank Mutual is an actual bank although they can help you with your mortgage needs. You can bank in person or online with them.

Where can one find a good mortgage leads network?

One can find a good mortgage leads online on various mortgage websites. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

How can you calculate your mortgage at 7 percent for 30 years?

Many mortgage brokers have something called a mortgage calculator. Call your mortgage company they should be able to help you. When you find out what your mortgage is at 7% for 30 years you might consider, if qualified, to refinance into a lower interest rate.

I want to know how i can get a fast mortgage refinance?

The fastest way to refinance your mortgage would be to contact your current mortgage company. Since they already have all your property information, they may be able to help you get this done quickly.

Will a mortgage calculator help you determine your mortgage payment?

A mortgage calculator will definitely help you determine your mortgage payment. The calculator will help you decide what mortgage is right for you by allowing you to see what types are out there and the current interest rate.

Is a mortgage good?

It really depends on your set of circumstances and if you have the financial credentials to qualify for a mortgage and additionally afford one. No one should get a mortgage if they will not be able to afford it later down the road as that will lead to financial disaster. For this reason, it is always a good idea to get in contact with a reputable mortgage company that can help guide you in determining whether or not if you have the proper income and background to qualify for a mortgage. The company will ultimately be your fries of nd during this process and will only lead you in the proper direction. Like most aspects of life that require money, it take careful planning, sound advice, and proper guidance.

What company provides the best texas mortgage rates?

Houston Mortgage is known as a leader in the Texas mortgage industry. It offers a variety of online aids and a free mortgage calculator to help customers find their best rates. Houston Mortgage also offers live personnel to assist customers through the mortgage process.

What is a reverse mortgage counselor?

A reverse mortgage counselor is there for you if you need advice or help. What you need to do is get in contact with your mortgage company and ask to speak with a counselor. They will be able to direct you to the correct person to speak with.

Where can one find an ING Mortgage Calculator?

One can find an ING mortgage calculator on the ING official website. Alternatively, agents from the company can be contacted to help one with the calculator.

What to do if U can not pay mortgage?

Call or visit the mortgage company. Mostly they do not want you to lose your home and will help you devise a mutually satisfactory solution. Do not delay with this, act as soon as possible.

Where can one find a good mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers help their clients find the best lending rate when financing a mortgage. One can look in the yellow pages of the city they live in to find a mortgage broker that is right for them. A realtor will be able to suggest a good mortgage broker as well, as they often work closely together.

What can be done to help someone get mortgages if they have bad credit?

It would be very difficult to get a mortgage with bad credit. A mortgage broker may be able to help, but in order to get a mortgage it is usually advisable to get a good credit rating by taking out small loans first.

If you have a second loan on your mortgage can you refinance on just the primary loan?

Normally you can. You will have to get the Lender on the Second Mortgage to "SUBORDINATE" the loan for you. They may charge a small fee to do so. Your Title company can help you.