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Miracle Whip is technically not a mayonnaise. It's considered a salad dressing. But you can use it like mayonnaise, and it has less fat.

Hellmann's is a good brand.

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Q: What is a good nonfat mayonnaise?
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What is a good diet for volleyball?

nonfat diet

Is Milk is a good source of water if you do not have water to drink?

if it is nonfat

What is a sentence for nonfat?

Nonfat yougart is in the market

Does mayonnaise taste good?


Can you freeze garlic mayonnaise?

It is not a good idea to freeze mayonnaise, as it will separate into its parts if frozen.

Can nonfat mayo replace oil in a recipe?

Not nonfat, no.

What is nonfat milk?

Nonfat milk is milk that has no fat in it.

Low fat and nonfat the difference between low fat and nonfat?

low-fat has low calories but nonfat has no calories

Which type of mayonnaise is good for salad?

Well first whattype of mayonnaise do you like and if you are serving it to people ask them

Is mayonnaise an electrolyte?

Mayonnaise is not a particularly good electrolyte but, the small amount of acetic acid in it will ionize and carry a current.

How many calories in nonfat fruit yogurt?

There are no calories in nonfat fruit yoghurt

What is a good substitution for mayonnaise?

miracle whip is a good substitution for mayonaise.

Can you use nonfat yogurt to make homemade frozen yogurt?

Of course! sure You can use any type of yogurt you want. Nonfat yogurt would even make it more healthy! Good job! :)

Is skim milk thicker than nonfat milk?

Skim milk = nonfat milk.

How does a hot dog taste with mayonnaise?

It depends on your preference, but some people think a hot dog tastes good with mayonnaise.

How many carbohydrates in homemade nonfat yogurt cheese - only ingredients nonfat milk and nonfat Fage yogurt as a starter?

add the carbs of the ingredients together and that will close to the real number

What is a sentence using nonfat in it?

My older sister normally drinks nonfat milk after she gets home from school.

Is it good for a child eat mayonnaise daily?

yes, as much as possible as mayonnaise helps prevent viruses in the body and helps strong bones

How long is mayonnaise good out of refrigerator?

2 billion years

What is a good substitute for mayo in a tuna fish sandwich?


What is a good condiment that you can put in your belly button?

ketchup or mayonnaise

Is mayonnaise acid or alkaline?

mayonnaise is a ph8 making mayonnaise a alkaline.

What is a good substitute for mayonnaise in tuna salad?

Plain yogurt is usually a good substitute for mayo.

What is mayonnaise in Telugu?


Does fat free and nonfat mean the same thing?

yes it is about the same thing such as nonfat yogurt and fat free yogurt

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