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What is a good sat score i got a 1360 today. iknow its not that good but give me some ideas please. the colleges im looking at is UT Austin and AM college station please help?

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September 13, 2011 1:33PM

Honestly, apply to the colleges you long as you have other things to make your SAT score not matter as much. How many clubs have you been in? Ever had a job? How good are your req. forms? And your grades? Have you received any awards? If your highschool history is attrqactive, your SAT scores may not be payed as much attention to. I've talked to a few adults who went to credible (well-known) colleges) who have gotten 1000's and other low scores. I received a 1321 but have A's and B's, good relationships with teachers, volunteer quite a bit, and have received awards. Because of this, my chances of getting in wont rely *just* on my SAT but more of what I have accomplished. I've received information from schools that are top in the country, but received the lowest grades out of my friends. You can also apply to a reg. trade school for a year or two (work on your grades and complete the basic classes) and transfer to those schools. Collegeboard should help give you insight on the situastion, try checking their site.

Hey!! I'm in eight grade and took the SAT and got a 1350!