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What is a good small aquatic turtle?

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reeve, yellow belly, or musk turtles because they get only about 4 to 6 inches.
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What does a small aquatic turtle eat?

Small aquatic turtle food bought at the aquatic animal store. They will also eat small feeder fish, pin crickets, and mealworms.

Does a turtle eat a waterlilly?

Aquatic turtles will eat most aquatic plants. Red ear sliders love water lilles and water hyacinth so unless the turtle is too small to get a good bite they will eat them up.

What is harder to take care of a aquatic turtle or a turtle?

A aquatic turtle because of it's special needs. A turtle is easier.

Is a snapping turtle an aquatic turtle?


How do you cure small aquatic turtle when it does not eat?

email me: and I shall tell you how.

Is a painted turtle an Aquatic turtle?


Do you like your aquatic turtle if yes why?

Aquatic turtles are cool

What is the biggest aquatic turtle?

The Great Leatherback sea turtle.

Why do pink dolphins eat small turtles?

Dolphins and other aquatic predators of sufficient size will eat a small turtle, given the opportunity.

Is an ornate box turtle an aquatic turtle?

No! Box turtles are considered a terrestrial species or semi-aquatic because they seek out water to soak in but are not at home in an aquatic environment.

Do you like your aquatic turtle?


Is a turtle aquatic or terrestrial?


What do stinkpot turtles eat?

In captivity stinkpots tend to favor carnivorous food items like aquatic turtle pellets, snails, earth worms, grasshoppers, crickets, ghost shrimp, small crayfish & commercial aquatic turtle pellets are taken.

What is a Yellow eared slider?

It is an aquatic turtle.

What kind of turtle should you get if you want a small one?

if you are looking for an aquatic turtle, map and musk turtles are generally the smallest. In most aquatic turtles the male stays much smaller than the female. I would suggest Texas maps as the males grow to the maximum of 3.5".

What is a large aquatic reptile T l?


Can you put aquatic frogs with your musk turtle?

Yes you can, I do!

What is a small turtle called?

a small turtle

How small a turtle can a turtle get?

as small as it wants

What does a baby turtle eat?

Depends on the type of turtle. If it's an aquatic turtle I would give it hatchling pellets. You can get them from any pet store. Also aquatic turtles can only swallow their food while they are under water.

Your turtle has orange-red stripes on the side of his head what kind of turtle do you have?

A red-eared slider, which is a semi-aquatic turtle.

What is a aquaca turtle?

Aquatic turtles are the most popular reptiles that are kept as pets. There are many aquatic turtle species. These turtles live in water and live 6 to 35 years.

What is the relationship between aquatic turtles and algae?

the symbiosis relationship between aquatic turtles is commensalism because the algae benefits by living on the turtle but the turtle is not affected by the algae at all.

What do koi eat in the wild?

Koi eat algae, aquatic vegetation, small aquatic life.

Can you keep aquatic turtles with fish?

If you do the turtle will eat the fish.