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Q: What is a good torrent downloader for movies?
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What is a good torrent downloader for a Mac?

bits on wheels

Is utorrent a virus?

No, is a torrent downloader

How do you change default torrent downloader?

on bitTorrent, click on options then preferences, then general an there should be an option that says "associate with torrent files". click on it and bitTorrent should now be the default torrent downloader

Which is the best torrent downloader?

it was Shaz_ 1999!

Where to get a torrent downloader?

a torrent downloader could mean 2 things; firstly a program to get torrents or a program to download the file from the torrent. For the first there are various programs although it would be best to search the net for torrent sites. For the later option you can get bittorrent or utorrent.

Fastest torrent downloader?

No torrent program is any faster than the others. The speed of the torrent depends on how many seeders there are available in which to pull the torrent from.

What is considered to be the best torrant downloader?

There are many different Torrent programs. But in my opinion, the best Torrent program is uTorrent. uTorrent is also the tinniest torrent downloader yet: it only uses 0.43 megabytes of your disk space

What is the fastest torrent client?

1 click downloader

Where can we download ghajini the game saves?

if you have torrent downloader, then go to the site and paste the following words in the search tab there will be only one file, click it an another page will be opened now there is an option DOWNLOAD TORRENT. by clicking it you will get a file. Now open the file and download the game from the torrent downloader IF YOU DON'T HAVE A TORRENT DOWNLOADER THE GO TO SITE BITTORRENT.COM AND DOWNLOAD THE DOWNLOADER

How does vuze work?

its pretty much a torrent downloader if u have a ps3 or xbox 360 you can hook it up to stream movies to it not sure how that works tho...

Which is the fastest torrent downloader?

Bit Torrent, VIP Torrent and AzureusNo torrent program is any faster than the others. The speed of the torrent depends on how many seeders there are available in which to pull the torrent from.

What are some good sites for movies?

try bit torrent

Which is the best torrent downloader what is responsible for the torrent to be active or inactive the torrent link torrent or the software which is downloading the torrent?

i know alot about torrents i suggest vuze thats waht i use

How can you download a movie from the site pick torrent?

The way to download a movie from the site PickTorrent is to first have a torrent downloader installed. From there, a person can choose the torrent from the site and it will download in the torrent manager.

How to download videos n movie in torrent movie downloader in mobile galaxy core?

Videos and movie in torrent movie downloader in mobile galaxy core can be downloaded by click on the button "Download Now."

Is there any good free movie downloader?

yes you can use "bit torrent" download it but you will need a very fast Internet speed

Fastest torrent downloader for movies?

(unknown author) Would have to be Azureus hands down By Jonathan 80063r on December 6 2013 uTorrent (µTorrent) is the smallest, lightest, fastest, and simplest torrent downloader and another excellent downloader that manages all of your downloads is the open source Free Download Manager. Azureus has become too complex and bloatware a long time ago.

Is there anywhere which you can torrent download or stream all the Digimon movies English dub decent quality and good seeds if its a torrent?

you tube

How did you open a torrent?

A torrent is a file that downloads off of a torrent downloader. download a program called VUSE. drag your torrent file into the interface of vuse in the library. if it doesent have seed, it most likly wont download. but its illegal.

How to download movies from torrent?

Watch this video on how to download the movies from torrent.

Why my android device doesn't open downloaded file through torrent?

You need to have a torrent downloader as well as a torrent file opener. If you don't have both, this could be the reason your android device doesn't open downloaded files through torrent.

Where can you get free download of torrent to watch movies you have downloaded?

Torrent is illegal

What are the softwares to download torrent files?

use bitcomet its the best downloader for torrent sites. go to and search for it. its pretty easy to use. it even has a list of torrent sites in a side bar to search from.

What is a RIP torrent?

rip torrent is a program to download movies to fit your pc

What is the best English movies downloading website with out torrent?

You can download movies legaly without torrent at: