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What is a good way to catch a chicken and her babies to pen them up?


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Use a large object (blanket, piece of plywood) and "herd" them into a corner. Then slowly and calmly remove them to where you want them. This is usually a 2 or 3 person job.

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If a hen is not tame, it is important to not influence the chicks view of people. If they see their mother freaking out, they will, too. The best thing to do is wait till she is settled at night, and use a box so that you can transport then simultaneously. Reach under her and one by one put her chicks in the box. Make sure she can see them if she doesn't trust you with her babies. Put her in last and move them into the pen.

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You could wait till nightfall and they will go in by themselves or if it's during the day, get some chicken feed and try coaxing them in.

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From now on, you could build a pen where the hen can be kept in, make it easily movable. Light weight something you can move yet the wing cant blow over. Allow the chicks to roam away from momma, but if they get scared they will go back to her. The pen then can be moved daily to new grass so they can still be free raning on new land. Helps fertilize the yard as well.


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