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What is a good website about mysteries for kids?


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Check out "Mystery Net's Kids Mysteries: mysteries to solve, scary stories, and magic tricks. This interactive website will get your detective juices flowing! There are three main sections to the website that include: Solve-it, Mysteries by Kids, and Magic Tricks. Solve-it Can you solve the "Case of the Disappearing Dimes" or the "Case of the Ruined Roses"? These short online stories allow you to try to solve the case by picking the correct suspect character. The culprit is revealed with an explanation as to how the main character solved the case. Plus, you can see which suspect other readers chose. There are presently almost thirty cases to solve. Mysteries by Kids They start the story and you finish writing the mini-mystery. They have contests in which you can enter your completion of the story. If you win, your story is published on the website! Magic Tricks Learning Magic Tricks can be fun and wow your friends and family. They provide nearly thirty magic tricks. They show you what supplies you need, how to set it up, and how to perform the trick.


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