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What is a grebe?

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A grebe is a type of water bird.

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Is a Grebe a fish?

No. A grebe is a type of water bird.

What does liebe grebe mean in English?

loves grebe (a bird)

When was Alaotra Grebe created?

Alaotra Grebe was created in 1932.

How tall is Jonathan Grebe?

Jonathan Grebe is 6' 2".

How tall is Michael Grebe?

Michael Grebe is 5' 11".

When was Rainald Grebe born?

Rainald Grebe was born in 1971.

When was Madagascar Grebe created?

Madagascar Grebe was created in 1861.

When was William Grebe born?

William Grebe was born in 1870.

What region does the pie billed grebe live in?

a grebe lives in a wetland!!

What actors and actresses appeared in Christmas Wrap - 2011?

The cast of Christmas Wrap - 2011 includes: Ashley Grebe as Ashley Cathy Grebe as Cathy Greg Grebe as Greg Ryan Grebe as Ryan

How tall is Christopher von Grebe?

Christopher von Grebe is 6' 2".

When was Barbara of the House of Grebe created?

Barbara of the House of Grebe was created in 1890.

When was New Zealand Grebe created?

New Zealand Grebe was created in 1843.

Is a grebe a carnivore?

Yes. All species of grebe eat primarily fish and insects.

When did Alfred H. Grebe die?

Alfred H. Grebe died in 1935.

When was Alfred H. Grebe born?

Alfred H. Grebe was born in 1895.

What birds are there?

well there are a lotRed-throated LoonPacific LoonCommon LoonYellow-billed LoonPied-billed GrebeHorned GrebeRed-necked GrebeEared GrebeWestern GrebeClark's GrebeBlack-footed AlbatrossLaysan AlbatrossNorthern FulmarPink-footed ShearwaterFlesh-footed ShearwaterBuller's Shearwater.These are a few from the Western region

What is the scientific name for a pied-bill grebe?

The pie billed grebe is Podilymbus podiceps.

When was Marcus Grebe born?

Marcus Grebe was born on April 4, 1973, in Hagen, Germany.

What is the birth name of Michael Grebe?

Michael Grebe's birth name is Paul Michael Grebe.

When was Jonathan Grebe born?

Jonathan Grebe was born on March 9, 1989, in Fremont, California, USA.

Is the surname grebe Jewish?


What kind of animal is a grebe?

a bird

What do grebe eat?

chesse pizza

What the little grebe eat?

The little grebe eats fish. It also eats small invertebrates that hide in the plants at the bottom of the river or lake.

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