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Probably annoyed that you don't seem terribly upset about the breakup and that you seem to be moving on with your life just fine. He sounds rather shallow and not worth your trouble, anyway.

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How do you use dated in a sentence?

She dated him until they broke up.

How do you know if you i dated him then broke up then dated then broke up how do you know if he still likes you?

If he keeps saying yes when you ask him out, or he asks you out.

Who is nick jonas going out with?

he dated miley but then they broke up and then he dated Selena but they broke up a few weeks ago but now hes single.

Did Matthew thiessen date Katy Perry?

yes, they dated for three years and then broke up. the song thinking of you and im still breathing on katys record are about matt.

Was there a niley?

YES!!!!!! THEY DATED FOR 2 YEARS on tour got into a fight and broke up! YES!!!!!! THEY DATED FOR 2 YEARS on tour got into a fight and broke up!

Who does Victoria Justice like form btr?

In April 2009, Justice dated Taylor Lautner, and then broke up.In May 2009, She dated Nicholas Holt, and then broke up.In September, 2009 Vic dated Josh hutcherson, and then broke up.At the end of 2009 Justice dated her co-star Avan Jogia till' summer'2010 but still kept friends.In May,2012 Justice dated Logan Henderson from BTRIn Febuary, 2011 She dated rottman

Does nick jonas like selena gomez miley cyrus or demi lovato?

well nick is sofooooooo over miley and he recently broke up with Selena and i hear is thinking about going out with demi after their tour nick and miley broke up along time ago him and selend broke up and he never dated demi lavato and they won't date cuz he dated Selena and demi is her bff and demi wouldn't date her bff x boyfriend

Who has dated kell kelly?

Batista dated her for awhile, but she is 23 and he is in his 40's and found her to be too for him. So he broke it off.

How could Jeff Hardy not like Maria?

they dated and broke up

Why keke Palmer and lil twist broke up?

They never dated.

Did Selena Gomez dated Taylor lautner?

yes. but they broke up

Did demi laovato and Kevin Jonas ever date?

NO!! Kevin and Demi never dated. Demi dated Joe but they broke up :(

Who is Giovanni dos Santos dated?

Giovanni dos Santos dated belinda. but now they broke up so hes SINGLE!

How many times have Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dated and broke up?

They have broke up,and made up 3 times !

Does miley love joekevinor nick?

no one she dated nick but he broke up with her

Ryan ross jac vanek?

They dated a while back and broke up.

What is Taylor Siwfts music about?

the boys she has dated and then broke up with her through the years

Does Jaden Smith have a girlfriend today?

No he dated Madison Pettis but they broke up

Is Nathan Sykes dating?

He Dated Ariana Grander but there are Rumours that they have Broke up

When did Joe and AJ break up?

ANSWER: Im not sure when they broke up. But he dated Taylor Swift and dated Camilla Belle. he is now single

Who dated Louis from One Direction?

Louis dated hannah walker but they broke up. Louis is now dating Eleanor Jane Calder

What do you call someone you date after a breakup?

If you mean by you dated someone, then broke up it's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend or just ex. If you mean you dated someone, broke up, and then started dating again its girlfriend or boyfriend.

What happened between Mariah and eminem?

They dated for a while but she was an alcohol and psycho so he broke up with her.

What is a x boyfriend?

normally spelled ex-boyfriend and its when you dated someone then broke up he is your ex

How long has Logan Henderson and Anna moellenbeck dated?

No they are not, they broke up a long time ago.

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