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What is a habit?

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The word 'habit' is a noun; a word for:1. regularly repeated behavior pattern: an action or pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although he or she may be unaware of it.

Example: I really need to get into the habit of writing down what I spend.

2. attitude: somebody's attitude or general disposition

3. addiction: an addiction to a drug ( slang )

4. clothing of religious order: a long loose gown, usually black, brown, gray, or white, traditionally worn by nuns, friars, and monks

5. botany zoology growth pattern: the characteristic appearance, behavior, or growth pattern of a plant or animal

6. shape of crystal: the characteristic growth pattern or shape of a crystal

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What is a habit garden?

what is a habit garde? what is a habit garde?

Who says habit cures habit?

i do

What part of speech is habit?

The word habit is a noun. The plural form of habit is habits.

What is a nun's dress called?

A HabitIt is a Habit.

How do you change a habit?

You stop doing what you do for your habit

Winning is an habit is that a wright sentence?

"Winning is an habit" is not a right sentence. It should be winning is a habit.

What are the Filipino buying behaviors?

buena-mano habits tawad habit dagdag habit suki habit

Do humpback whales have a habit of jumping out of the water?

They do have a habit

Does habit and average rhyme?

no, habit and rabbit would.

How do you break bad habits?

A habit is a habitual practice and a learned behavior. The best way to start a good habit is to make it a habit in the first place. An individual must repeatedly perform the good habit in order to establish it as the habit of choice.

What rhymes with rabbit?

habit decrepit it limithabit,habbit

How do you get rid of a eye habit?

Develop a new healthy habit

How can you use the word habit in a sentence?

She had a habit of biting her nails.

How do you make a sentence with a habit?

Smoking is a very bad habit.

What is main habit of dogs?

the main habit of a dog is to bark

What is an adjective for habit?

One adjective is "habitual" (done as a habit).

What is Niall Horan's worst habit?

His worst habit is farting.

How do you get into a habit of somthing?

To get into the habit of doing something .. you have to continually keep doing it and doing it until it becomes a habit .. ! I hope that helped ! :)

What is an example of a habit in animal?

if a salamander likes to stay in moist places that is a habit, or if a caterpillar eats and eats that is also a habit :)

What is manana habit?

it is mañana habit, not manana habit. SO NO ONE ANSWERED THATby the way, it is the person who is lazy. in Tagalog "mamaya na" Mañana (Ma nya na) habit - a habit of Procrastination which means to postpone doing something that a we want or need to do

What does character of habitat mean?

character of habit refers to the pattern and tendencies associated to any particular habit of a person. it refers to the behaviour of a person in relation to any particular habit

How do you get rid of a habit?

Try to replace that habit with a better new one.

Is Bentyl habit forming?

No. Bentyl is not known to be habit forming or addictive.

What is a religious habit?

A Religious Habit is a head cloth worn by nuns.

How do you use habit in a sentence?

it is a bad habit that if you don't bruch everyday