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One hand on top of the another. Kind a like a one hand pull up. But this you use both hands .

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โˆ™ 2005-03-30 23:29:03
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Q: What is a hand over pull up?
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What does pull over onto the right-hand shoulder mean?

it means pull over to the right hand side of the road.

What body part is working when doing a pull up?

If its is an overhand pull up then its is the upper back muscles and the forearms. If it is an under hand pull up then it is mainly the biceps.

Can elephant pull up one hand?

Elephants don't have hands.

What to do when your hood pops up when driving?

you pull over and hope that nowone saw you. you pull over and hope that nowone saw you.

How i do hand sex?

boys; you put your hand on your erect penis & pull up & down;) girls; put a finger into your vagina & push up & down. SIMPLE.

What do you do if you throw up while driving a car?

Pull over and clean it up!

Making money hand over fist?

Making money hand over fist is an idiom that dates back to early sailors. They would pull in their catches using a "hand over fist" method to reel the traps or lines in from the ocean. This meant that money (in the form of fish or crabs) was coming to the boat hand over fist.

What does pull up your socks mean?

It is a phrase that is like saying, "Get over it" or "Quit crying over spilt milk."Pull up your socks and get on with your life or job or whatever.Pull your socks up means - you should do betterYou had better pull your socks up next year or you will not pass your exams.To improve BehaviourMeans that you should make more of an effort!

How do you arm fart?

you pull up your shirt and put your hand under you arm and push down

What are the types of dribbles in a basketball game?

Right hand dribble, left hand dribble, crossover, fake cross over, between the legs, behind the back, push pull, (right hand and left hand.0

How do you do an overhead set in volleyball?

throw it up over your head with you left hand then hit it with the bottom part of your right hand and point up with your hand when you hit it

How to built a mummy?

you get a long hook stick it up a nose and pull the brain out then stick your hand in the dead persons tummy and pull everything out exept the heart

What are good pranks to pull at your friends sleep over?

Before you comment any pranks. Think about how your freind would feel. You could put her*or his* hand is cold water and see if they pee. Or you could pile up there hand in whip cream and tickle there nose.

How do you pull dandelions on sims kingdom?

You simply point the cruiser over the Dandelion and press the "B" button and pull up.

Should farmers be made to pull out weeds by hand instead of using herbicides?

yes, no shut up

How do you tie shoe laces?

Hold the laces in each hand. cross-over the laces. take one hand and pull the lace through the hole you see. (throught the side in which its facing the shin.) Pull tight. make a bunny ear on each side.(hold in hands) And do as you did before. Pull tight. :)

Your car is a left hand drive and you cannot open the bonnet?

there is a lever on the left hand side of the drivers side - its up the the corner - its quite hard to see it - you have to catch it up and pull it back

How do you disengage the emergency brake?

if it is a hand pull E-brake, pull it up slightly, push in the button and let it down. if it is a foot E-brake look down near the foot pedal for it and there should be a pull cable. pull it and it will disenguage.

What does the idiom pull a chair up mean?

sit down come over to

What happens when a car is running just shut off?

you pull to a side and just wait until the car stops completely or just hold the hand brakes and pull over :P

What is up-strumming?

up-strumming means to do upstrokes, so the pick moves from low to high , imagine to pull your hand into your direction

How do chipmunks hunt or gather food?

they stick there hand up there wuddle duddle and pull out some fresh chocolate!

What does pull up on me mean from a guy?

How do you pull out a tooth if its not fully done?

To pull a tooth out you need to twist and pull if you do that it will only hurt when you are pulling it out after pulled out by hand there might be some blood and if that is not working over a couple of days push it out using your teeth and again there might be a little blood Tip: use a tissue when pulling out by hand because it gives you grip

What hand do you reel with using a right handed reel for fishing?

you use the right hand. While fighting the fish pull up the rod and reel in on the way down