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What is a handshake?

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A gesture where two people clasp each others' hands. They do not need to shake anything.

Some people think that a handshake is a Freemasonic weapon for taking over the world.

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What is the parent trap handshake?

a handshake

What is a handshake in computers?

what is a handshake on a computer

What is ffa handshake?

there is not an official ffa handshake

Kinds of handshake?

handshake are a informal greeting used by everyone.

What is a taco handshake?

A taco handshake is the act of female masturbation.

When was The Guatemalan Handshake created?

The Guatemalan Handshake was created in 2006.

What is the sigma phi epsilonsecret handshake?

Join the Frat. Learn the handshake.

How do you do a latin king handshake?

Youtube it, they have videos how to do a Latin King handshake

What is the freemason handshake?

Handshake with thumb and index finger pointing down.

What is the duration of A Secret Handshake?

The duration of A Secret Handshake is 1.57 hours.

What is the duration of The Guatemalan Handshake?

The duration of The Guatemalan Handshake is 2160.0 seconds.

What is past tense of handshake?

"Handshake" is a noun, it doesn't have a past tense.

How many pages does The Sterkarm Handshake have?

The Sterkarm Handshake has 386 pages.

How do you give a Tibetan handshake?

In order to give a Tibetan handshake, you would stretch your hand and slightly bow. This is the traditional form of Tibetan handshake.

When was A Secret Handshake created?

A Secret Handshake was created on 2007-05-01.

Handshake and put left hand on top of other person?

This is a 'warm' handshake: it is less formal than a regular handshake, and suggests friendship and respect.

Why did my ex give me a handshake?

Your ex gave you a handshake to thank you for something you did for him/her or, they are happy to see you. You are no longer in a relationship so a handshake is the next best thing.

What is secret handshake?

a secret handshake simply a unique handshake that you keep a secret from other people other people other than the person you are sharing the shake with.

What is phi mu alpha secret handshake?

The secret handshake for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is secret. Hence, secret handshake. OAS AAS LLS!

What is the delta chi handshake?

No one except members know the Delta Chi handshake. This is because the handshake is only taught to members, who are then told not to share it with anyone else.

What is a Pi Kappa Alpha handshake?

The Pi Kappa Alpha handshake is considered sacred among fraternity members. Only people who have joined the organization have access to the handshake.

How do you do the parent trap handshake?

Watch Videos under " how to do the parent trap handshake" good luck!;)

What is the Phi Sigma Sigma secret handshake?

Become a member of the organization and you will learn the secret handshake.

Alpha secret handshake?

No one knows what the Alpha secret handshake is except the people who are in the group. This is because only members ever learn the handshake, and they are forbidden to tell outsiders.

What symbolizes trust?

A handshake.