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What is a hemorrhagic lesion?

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"Hemorrhagic" is the property of containing or secreting blood that shouldn't be there.

"Hemorrhage" refers to blood escaping from blood vessels of any kind.

A "lesion" is an area of damaged, missing, diseased, or otherwise abnormal tissue, such a sore. The most common lesions appear in the skin - pimples, cancer sores, burns.

A hemorrhagic lesion is one that either contains blood or is bleeding. Examples of hemorrhagic lesions: bruises, petechiae (tiny, bright red spots), "hickies".

In sum, hemorrhagic lesions can be harmless or very serious, depending on the type, location, and cause.

2007-08-20 20:47:01
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Q: What is a hemorrhagic lesion?
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What test is used to diagnose viral hemorrhagic fever

Which lesion in a coronary artery do physicians normally consider higher risk proximal lesion or distal lesion?

Proximal lesion

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What is an anechoic lesion?

anechoic lesion

What is a sentence for the word lesion?

I need to see a doctor about this lesion.Despite his doctors orders, he poked the lesion.

What is a subcapsular lesion?

small subcapsular lesion of the liver

How can hemorrhagic fevers be prevented?

Hemorrhagic fevers can be prevented through vector control and personal protection measures.

What is a hemorrhagic eruption?

A hemorrhagic eruption is a sudden outpouring of blood, or a rash that results in a sudden outpouring of blood.

What is a benign lesion?

A benign lesion is a growth of cells which is non-cancerous. A malignant lesion is a cause for concern, as they are cancerous.

Is a lesion a pathological site?

A 'lesion' is anything or any site of the body that is not normal.Yes, a lesion is a pathological site.

What is Liver Lesion?

what is a liver lesion and what procedure is best to have done?

What does the medical term intraparenchymal lesion mean?

a lesion in the brain

What is a non benign lesion?

A lesion that is dangerous or life-threatening.

How does a DBS differ from a lesion?

This has the same effect as a lesion, but is adjustable.

What is an ovoid lesion?

An ovoid lesion is a lesion that is egg-shaped. There are many studies linking these lesions to diseases like multiple sclerosis.

How is a spinal lesion treated?

It all depends on what the lesion is made of and where it is on the spine. A benign lesion is non-cancerous whereas a malignant lesion is cancerous.Lesions can be defined according to the patterns they form. Lesions can also be categorized by their size. A gross lesion is one that can be seen with the naked eye. A microscopic or histologic lesion requires the magnification of a microscope to be seen.

Where does Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis happen?

Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis involves viral infection of the conjunctiva, which is a covering around the eye

How is cervical cancer formed?

It is caused by a sexually transmitted virus, called HPV. It progresses from a benign lesion to a low grade lesion. It then progresses to a high grade lesion which can progress to a microinvasive and then invasive lesion

How is Gonh Lesion treated?

do you mean gohn lesion? if so, the gohn lesion or gohn complex, is a characteristic finding with tuberculosis. To treat it, treat the TB and the lesion should resolve. Use ethambutol, isoniazid, rifampin.

Is hemorrhagic an adjective?

It is a complement of a noun.

How do you get audio back on pronunciations?


What causes hemorrhagic fever?

Hemorrhagic fevers are caused by viruses that exist throughout the world. However, they are most common in tropical areas.

What is spleen hypodense lesion?

a dark lesion in the spleen found in CAT scan

An example of a primary lesion?

A primary lesion includes abscesses, ulcers and tumors.

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