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What is a home page?


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A home page is the website you choose to see everytime you open internet Explorer and is the website that will appear each time you click the house on the Internet Explorer Browser toolbar. (Note this may be different for Internet Explorer 7)


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difference between home page and effective home page

Web pages are typically linked to a home page. A home page is a web page. A web page is not a home page.

If you are refering to the translation home page is "page d'accueil".

it is different cause the home page of browser is identifying the browser and the home page of website is telling the web.

a web page is located inside a home page

The properties of a home page is an index

Go to Tools -> Options -> General Tab -> Write your home page in the Home page Box.

A home page is the main page on a web site. A web page is any page on a web sit

There is no such thing as a "home PAGE" on a server. There is an HOME DIRECTORY on the server, which is NOT a public access.

A home page is a type of web page. Let me explain. A web page is any page on the internet you can access. A home page is also a web page but is also the main or start page of a website. For example the page that comes up when you type www.answers.com is the home page to this site. It is also a web page. When you click on any link that is part of www.answer.com such as the "Technology" button, you go to a web page that is not www.answer.com's home page. Think of a book. The cover/title of the book is the home page, all other pages within the book are webpages.

If a webpage says return to home page, it means to return to the original page you started with, like for Wiki Answers, the home page is www.wiki.answers.com, or click the huge Answers.com sign on the top left :)

The home page can be found at the link below.

A Home Page is a web page. The difference is the Home Page is the center of the web and should link to all other web pages. A center, a point of origin, or base for the rest of the website. The home page is the index page that is assigned a domain name. The other web pages are on a lower level than the Home page.

You simply go to dogpile.com, left click, click make my home page and there you go.

A home page for a website is the very first page - the landing page. So, for example, Google's home page is google.com, and the home page for this site is answers.com. A home page for a browser is the page you choose to load first when you open the browser - it can be anything you want it to be. For example, my browser of choice is FireFox. FireFox by default has it's home page set to mozilla.com, so every time I open FireFox it opens on mozilla.com. If I want to, I can change this to open google.com when FireFox opens. You can find out how to change your browser's home page by visiting your favorite browser's website and looking up the instructions.

Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar. Add the home button to the browser toolbarWant a button on the browser toolbar that you can click to open your home page? Select the "Show Home button" checkbox in the "Appearance" section.Set your home pagePick the page you'd like to be your home page in the "Home page" section. You can select to use the New Tab page as your home page. To use another page, click Change once you've selected "Show Home button" checkbox.Select Settings.(Source - Google Forum)

The default home page of a browser is the first page. It is the link which opens up first when loaded.

The first page is called the home page, so in this case, home means first

The home page is itself a webpage and refers to the page through which the website is first viewed.

A main page on a website is also called the Home Page. The home page for this site is www.answers.com You can also find it under Site links.

You add the page to favorites and the bar at the top should say make home page.

why is my home page on facebook not connecting my internet is on i rebooted my computer but my profile page is not coming up i can play cafe world but i cant see my home page or profile page

To make a web page your home page click on the spanner in the top right corner, go to options, and next to the bold title "Home page" select "Open this page:" and type in the web address.

Just right click and set as home page.

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