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An oxymoron?
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What is a virus?

A virus is an obligate intracellular parasitic acellularmicroorganism, consisting of protein coat and nucleic acid DNA orRNA and may be enveloped or not. It is a particle that is notdefined as being alive, that goes inside you and attacks yourcells, and inserts their DNA into your cell, so that your ( Full Answer )

How can you get a virus?

You can get a virus by going on websites that contain avirus. But you would not know when the virus is in your desktops it can multiply depends what kind of virus is it when the computer slows down or something else, have a scan made by your computer when it is found delete or clean the virus.

What is the funniest joke?

"Funny" is an adjective that can only be defined to a noun by opinion. It would be wrong to say that there is a "funny" joke that appeals to all - as different people have different perspectives of "funny". What do you call a fish with no eyes? a fsh . My dog has no nose. How does he sme ( Full Answer )

Joke of the year?

A couple of New Jersey hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: "My friend is dead! What can I do?" Th ( Full Answer )

Can you get a virus from a virus?

Yup. In the general sense of the term "virus" (any malware that can be installed on a computer), there are some kinds of malware, usually called downloaders, which can actually download more malware to your computer, like fake antivirus software and programs that can steal information like passwor ( Full Answer )

What is a joke?

A joke is a statement, question, or story used with the intent ofmaking someone laugh. Joke means to tell someone about a humorous conversation, orincident or a fictitious narration or a funny anecdote that isusually amusing and results in a refreshing laughter that is mostlyenjoyable unless a perso ( Full Answer )

What does a virus do?

All viruses thrive on killing cells, and the only common pointof functions of all viruses is killing protists, fungi, bacteria oreven other viruses. . A virus injects it's own DNA or RNA into a living cell, trickingthe cell to start replicating the virus. After some time, the cellbecomes bloated wi ( Full Answer )

Do you have liar jokes?

I have more liar jokes than anyone in the world! (he said) --------------- "I am the biggest liar in the world", said Pat. "No, you're not," said Mick, "I am!" "Prove it, then," says Pat Mick says, "Last week I swam UP Niagara falls!" "I know," says Pat, "I saw you." --- Newsman: "Mr ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with joke?

Yolk awoke backstroke baroque bespoke bloke breaststroke broke chain-smoke choke cloak coke convoke cowpoke croak downstroke evoke folk heartbroke heatstroke homefolk housebroke in-joke invoke joke keystroke kinfolk kinsfolk menfolk oak outspoke outstroke poke Polk presoak provoke revoke sidestroke ( Full Answer )

How do you tell jokes?

You tell jokes easily! Example: Bob. Do you like seafood? Larry. Yea. Why? Bob. (Opens his mouth while eating something.) Here! See food. Actually, there is a way to tell jokes and be funny. 1. Try to keep a straight face and avoid laughing as you tell the jokes. Cackling the whole ti ( Full Answer )

What is your mom jokes for?

When people say "yo mama's so fat" or "yo mama's so stupid" or something, they are usually used for fun, however sometimes people use them for insults. For example: Yo mama's so stupid, she got run over by a parked car!" You can also say things like Yo mama's so:. Wierd. Stupid. Black or White [i ( Full Answer )

What is the joke of the day?

once there was a man how makes his life by farming and growing and selling chattels he along the line lost every thing he has and left with only 4 goats and they were the only source of income at that time,unfortunately a flood brock out and all the goats had affected by the flood they were terribly ( Full Answer )

Who thought of jokes?

I'll just give you a guess here. I would be willing to bet that jokes are prehistoric and nearly as old as language. There's no way to know who was the first.. I would propose that just as soon as there was anything to speak respectfully or reverently about, there was also some wise guy who dared t ( Full Answer )

What does joking mean?

Joking means to tell jokes, kid around with someone, or say things that make others laugh.

Are you joking?

i wont say you never said to say the answer it only said answer it but didnt say to write with letters boo

What are jokes for?

Jokes exist to make people laugh. Jokes also exist to make smile onyour face also to make you happy whenever you are tense.

What can a virus do?

Guess the alternatives: A)Eat you. B)Take a dump in your bed C) Destroy your computer D) Horse! ¡ǝsɹoɥ(p :ɹǝʍsuɐ ʇɥƃıɹ

What makes a joke a joke?

A joke is something that people can relate to but find it funny. IT probably isn't funny if it was you that it happened to . But sometimes a joke is mocking people in other countries or counties that you are not friendly with. for example: Ireland V France. The Irish could make jokes about France ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a virus?

Viruses are found all the time on the internet, but if you have a powerful anti-virus like Norton 360 then it will scan the internet page and say it displays nosecure items and you click no. to not display the nonsecure items on page. Check out http://devterch.com/blog/61/how-computer-viruses-are ( Full Answer )

What is a virus can?

Signs of being infected with virus on computer: slow performance unable to launch programs etc. The best course of action is to have the infection removed as soon as possible.

What does Capulet joke about?

In Act I Scene 5 (the party scene) he plays the jolly host and makes jokes about accidentally stepping on girls' feet when they have corns.

What does a virus have?

a virus includes a script which overwrites your computers needed files. This can be your operating system, a startup file (e.g: a hive file) or many more sutem files.

What are great jokes?

It is somethig to make people laugh. for example what can you open but can't close?

Where do you get good jokes from?

the average human normally gets jokes from a life memory. for example, i once saw a dead rat on the road so i could write a joke about it. like what did the old man want for his hunting trip? he wanted a hat tail. so hat rimes with rat. the joke is that beavers have tails like a hat top and he is go ( Full Answer )

What is a joke with satellite in it?

What did the satalite say to the Spaceman? n00btard, Got wood? _____ Two satelllites walked into a bar... okay it's hard to find jokes with satellites in them but here are a couple: Star light, star bright First star I see tonight I wish I may, I wish I might. It's just a satellite ( Full Answer )

Are jokes riddles?

No, of course. Jokes are not riddles! A joke is something you tell, like a line or a story. A riddle is something you ask someone that they have to figure out the answer. While riddles can be jokes (not always), and some jokes are in the form of riddles, they are often not one in the same. Many p ( Full Answer )

What to do when you get a virus?

If your computer effected by virus and if u don't of have any data in OS installed drive then just format it and then immediately install updated Anti- virus and scan whole computer without opening any drive.... then definitely it'll works ...

What is a Cryptic Joke?

A joke with a very shady punchline. A good example is the fact that you categorized this in "Human and Animal Interaction".

What do jokes do?

To make people laugh if he or her is sad or to cheer him or her up.

What is a blue joke?

Here's an example: Hitler: I'm going to kill all the Jews and one clown! Random bystander: Why one clown? Hitler: See? Nobody cares about the Jews. It's like a joke that is funny but sad.

What do virus do?

Some are not too harmful, but most can really do some damage to your PC.

Is joking a noun?

No the word joking is not a noun. It is the present participle ofthe verb to joke.

Is conservapedia.com a joke?

Oddly enough it is not. It is a forum for conservatives to spread their take on the world. It seems to be information filtered through the glasses of conservatism. Much like Fox News vs MSNBC (conservative politics vs liberal politics) it is merely a website boasting a standpoint. While I would not ( Full Answer )

What is the sandwich joke?

One night a guy with his girlfriend comes back to his house. They creep in the front door and close it.. He leans to her ear and says, We'll have to be quiet because I live with my little brother and he is asleep.. So they creep into the bedroom and he shows her one slight inconvenience... That he a ( Full Answer )

What are pun jokes?

Puns (they are never called "pun jokes") are jokes based on the ambiguity of two similar sounding words or phrases, or between different meanings of the same word. "It's no wonder I'm bald, when I just saw Mein Herr walk out the door." is a pun on the German word "Herr" and the English word "hair". ( Full Answer )

What are mom jokes?

Your Mom is so old, her school textbooks said the moon was made of cheese.

What is the mudkip joke?

It's a prank that was pulled on every at DA on April fool's Day, they all got there icons changed to mudkips.

Do you say 'to do a joke' or 'to make a joke'?

you say to MAKE a joke when you invent one but you say "do" when itis someone else's joke. Actually, nobody ever says "to do a joke" unless they have onlyvery recently started learning English.

Is joke a talent?

Being a comedian is definitely a talent. As a comedian is talented in telling jokes.

What is a corn joke?

JOKE: why should you never tell a secret in a field of corn? PUNCH LINE: Because there are lots of ears!

Was Santa a joke?

yea Santas not real its just your mum and dad in the middle of the night while your sleeping putting presents under the tree

Are jokes a sin?

The Bible only condemns "filthy jesting," not all jokes. If you dig closely, there is humor in the Bible.

How do you joke about gayness?

Just as it were any other joke. However, you should do so with sensitivity and tact. Here are some guidelines: 1. Avoid jokes that attack homosexuals, whether as a group or as individuals. Jokes promoting hatred, violence, bullying, or death are never appropriate. 2. Keep "sick" humor out of i ( Full Answer )

What is mean by joke?

A joke (noun) is a story that makes you laugh. Joking is talking in a manner that is not serious.

What is the antonym of not joking but?

Q: What is the past tense for trip? A: The past tense for the physical type of trip is TRIPPED. The past tense for the vacation or school type of trip is WENT ON A TRIP.

Why prison jokes?

People often joke about things that are uncomfortable to discuss. Most people who have not been to prison don't know what it is like being locked up, and most don't want to go there and find out. They often lack sympathy for the people in there, so they may joke about prison rape, when that is actua ( Full Answer )

Why are jokes funny?

well..the jokes could very, but if there's different reasons why jokes could be considered funny because well, SARCASM would be one reason and well i would agree, there are some pretty retarted jokes around, but eh... if they truly make you laugh, they would be considered funny. While MOST MOST MO ( Full Answer )

What are funny jokes about the?

funny jokes are all about the laughter taking the mickey out of an animal or an human or even just a simple object jokes can be a great thing as long as their funny jokes have been going around for years and years and only the oldest and sometimes newest ones can be the funniest.

What does a virus has?

a virus has a corrupted program or file which when enters your computer will cause damage

What is a dog joke and a bee joke?

A dog joke and a bee joke is as written bellow: What do you getwhen you cross a race dog with a bumble bee? A Greyhound Buzz.