What is a just and unjust law?

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Just law is fair and unjust is not fair
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What is an unjust law?

As St. Augustine said 'an unjust law is not law at all.' In other words, an unjust law would be a law, that takes away ones freedom, or causes harm, or basically just causes chaos. Which is the exact opposite of what a law is put in place to do. ---------------- (From "Why We Can't Wait" Letter ( Full Answer )

A refusal to obey unjust laws?

This is an interesting question and I doubt if many people give it much thought. The question is usually dealt with in courses in jurisprudence. Note that a law, even a properly enacted law nee not be moral. A proper law can be quite immoral. There have been and continue to be laws in most countries ( Full Answer )

In law terms what does unjust enrichment mean?

Unjust enrichment means that one party was enriched wrongfully at the expense of another party. While some states do not allow unjust enrichment as a cause of action by itself, states that do, and Federal Law, generally adhere to the requirement that the following factors be proved for a case of unj ( Full Answer )

What is unjust law?

Unjust law is a phrase used to describe a group or someone of powerwho enforces a law but does not obey the law themselves. An examplewould be a police officer who speeds for no reason or does not usetheir seatbelt.

What are some examples of commonly considered 'unjust' laws throughout the world?

According to Jesus Christ / Yeshua Ha Mashyiach, those laws that take the substance owned by widows and orphans are unjust. Any law that is an unjust burden to the bearer is unjust. Any laws that are not based in the word of God are unjust. All just laws are supported by scriptural principle. Cri ( Full Answer )

What is an example of an unjust law?

One example of an unjust law is the fact that homosexuals stillcannot get married in some states within the US. Another example ofan unjust law is the CISPA law, which violates US citizens privacy.

What was Gandhi's response to unjust laws?

"An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so.". The general meaning of this quotation being that a law that is placed on unfair terms is a type of violence and the arrest for it is even more unjust.

What is a just law?

The Bible is a great place to start the hunt for just laws. Otherwise, examples are hard to find of just laws in society today. Even lawyers specialize.

Is it lawful to regard only just laws?

No. The laws that are used and enforced in a country are so because the people in power have deecided that they are just. It is not up to individuals to decide which laws are just and which are not; otherwise, anarchy ensues as, for example, someone decides it is not just for a person to have three ( Full Answer )

What book of the Bible includes the text the rain rains on the just and the unjust?

I believe the verse you are referring to is Matthew 5:45, which is found right after Jesus gives His Sermon on the Mount, also known as the Beatitudes. Jesus is telling us to LOVE and pray for, not hate our enemies. Matthew 5:43-48 (NASB) . 43 "You have heard that it was said, 'YOU SHALL LO ( Full Answer )

What is a peaceful way to object a law considered unjust?

There are many ways to initiate a change in a law peacefully. A simple way to start might be to write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. Another way is to start a petition. Writing letters to elected representatives can also be helpful. To get a government to change a law usually requires ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of unjust laws in the world history?

for example, there were some provisions in the Magna Carta which stated that if an Engineer makes a house and latter on it collapses, then the Engineer should be headed, etc, or some laws of the Greek and Roman Empires which allowed the discrimination on the basis of sex, race, origin, etc.

What are examples of unjust laws?

Orders to torture people. Laws that unfairly discriminate against people. Laws that date back centuries and are cruel and have no place in today's society. As St. Augustine said 'an unjust law is not law at all.' In other words, an unjust law would be a law, that takes away ones freedom, or c ( Full Answer )

Do unjust laws tend to be broken by otherwise law abiding citizens?

You are confusing Law and Morality (or Ethics). A law may or may not be "just" -- that's your ethical judgment about it. Your question cannot be answered: one man gathers what another man spills. A law abiding citizen breaks no laws, by definition. It is part of our collective social contract that w ( Full Answer )

What does Thoreau say you generally do when presented with an unjust law?

respond with Civil Disobedience. Revolt and rise. Prison in the only place for a truly free man. It is a righteous place to be. When bailed out Henry David Thoreau was asked, "what are you doing in here?" he replied, "I believe the question is, what are you still doing out there?"

What are 'unjust laws'?

unjust laws means laws that are not just,unfair,cruel or bad laws.The existence of law is a must , but it also must be just and humane,man made law,should never turn into bad laws,inglorious or unjust law.when and where law turn glorious or bad.

The refusal to obey unjust laws?

The question must mean "unjust" in the opinion of the individual(s) violating them. Depending on the way the "refusal to obey" manifests itself it would either be a crime or it would be civil disobedience

What if the president enforces an unjust law?

To quote a current sitting US Supreme Court Justice: "Nothing prevents Congress from passing a stupid law." Laws are either Constitutional (i.e. they adhere to the restrictions put forth in the US Constitution), or they are not. The ultimate decider of this question is the US Supreme Court. But t ( Full Answer )

What is ajust law an unjust law?

The justice is not in the law, the justice is in it's administration. Even a most just law can be enforced and adjudicated unjustly.

Can a law be unjust and just at the same time. If so can you name an example?

absolutely. basically, any law that makes some people pay for another person's dumb mistake or choice. take, for example, the law that now prohibits Baltimore county high school students from having after parties outside the county. this rule was made simply because there was a curfew enforced in th ( Full Answer )

If the president enforces an unjust law what can Congress do?

Remem ber there is a distinction between "unjust" and "unConstitutional". If a law has been declared Constitutional (either by an explicit ruling of the Judicial branch, or, by a lack of any legal challenge to it's Constitutionality), then the President is legally obligated to enforce that law. A ( Full Answer )

When did Thomas Jefferson say If a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it he is obligated to do so?

The above quote is a paraphrase from the 5th sentence of the United States' Declaration of Independence: But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw o ( Full Answer )

Was the trail of tears just or unjust?

The trail of tears was unjust because the british took over their land without letting the natives have a say. They basiclly just walked onto their property and said get out.

How can you consider same-sex marriage as an unjust law?

If you are a homophobe. The reason why it is considered to be an "unjust law" is the massive amount of religious conservatives who believe they must carry on whatever their religions 'require'. Notice how many references are made to the bible when said homophobes attempt to justify their biast answe ( Full Answer )

Is it right to disobey an unjust law?

To obey an unjust law is to give legitimacy to a law thus giving it precedence over morality and ethics : the "Moral Imperative" prevails . Added: Ummmm . . . WHAT'd they say????? Nice quote, but somewhat unreponsive to the question, dont'cha think? "Unjust" as defined by WHOM? You disobey ( Full Answer )

Is it your responsibility to rebel against and break an unjust law?

No. That is not your responsibility. Whether or not a law is unjustis open to interpretation and people always disagree as to theunjustness of various laws. Some people think tax laws are unjustand the government has no right to tax its citizens. Others thinkthat belief is childish since we elect la ( Full Answer )

Should DOMA be unjust or just?

The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA"), like all federal laws, should be just. Unfortunately, it is not.

Are copyright laws just?

Copyright laws attempt to create a balance between individual rights and the public good by creating exclusive rights, but providing numerous exceptions to them. The intent of the law is good; it is in the interpretation that problems can occur.

Why was Jim crow laws considered unjust and illegal?

Because they segregated Blacks and Whites but they did not follow the statement 'separate but equal' which was decided at the court case of Plessy vs. Ferguson. The black community was widely underfunded.

What is the difference between defying the law and breaking an unjust law?

Basically, the difference is your motivation. Breaking an 'unjust' law is called civil disobedience, and some very brave and principled people have done this to the benefit of us all. I put quotes around the word unjust because there is necessarily a personal judgement about whether or not a law is ( Full Answer )

Can there be legal cases in which the law is unjust?

Yes. Lawmakers are only human, and they can make unjust laws quite often. Many of the racially related laws from the segregation/civil rights era were unjust. If a black man and a white woman kissed, he was breaking the law, though she wasn't.

What is unjust vexation in Philippine law?

The Philippine law called "unjust vexation" is a law that is usedas a catch all for crimes they don't know what to do with. It isunder the penal code 2nd Paragraph of Article 287 and is punishedby arresto menor or fined by 5 pesos to 200 pesos or both.

Was the Hamburger Hill battle just or unjust?

Battles are neither just nor unjust, although sometimes wars can be described in those terms. The battle at Hamburger Hill was a battle between two groups of soldiers in a war, no civilians were involved or injured.

Why are people silent about a law they may find unjust?

There could be a number of reasons. Perhaps the people live in acountry where dissent and protest are harshly punished. Perhapsthey live in a place where the government and the courts are socorrupt that the average person believes there is nothing that canbe done. Sometimes, people are silent becaus ( Full Answer )

Who fought unjust laws by breaking them?

There are many individuals and groups that do this. Defiance of anunfair law is a common method of bringing attention to it, as longas the person doing it is willing to pay any consequences that maycome. An example of this is Rosa Parks. During the Civil RightsMovement, she refused to sit on the bac ( Full Answer )