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It very well could be a tumor, but it could also be anything else! Anything close enough to my head that could be dangerous, I'm at the Dr.s right away. It could be a cist, which could explode underneath your skin and poison you. Go to the Dr!

Please do not be alarmed, first of all , a person giving you this last answer can not even spell the word syst. So, go figure. I have the knots too. I have recently ask my Dr and he tells me if they dont hurt of give you headaches , not to worry about it. It's more than likely handed down from your ancestors.

It's CYST for both of you who can't seem to spell! Especially the one correcting the other, who also got it wrong. All I can say is go to the doctor. Don't listen to Yahoo's that tell you its something handed down from your ancestors! What the heck??? PHEW! All I can say is the first answer seems better than the second. A doctors opinion is best! And just because it doesn't hurt or give you headaches doesn't mean its nothing to worry about. Anyone's doc that tells them that should change to a new one! Good luck!

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What causes pain when tapping right side of skull?

There are various things which could cause pain when tapping on the right side of the skull. If you are concerned consult a doctor.

What is the largest bone in your head?

Why the skull of course! I once split my head open and you could see my skull, that's how close it is to skin, it's used to protect your brain if you fall.

How many minotaurs do you have to attack for the right skull half on runescape?

It is a random drop, it could be any number.

What could cause your husband to have hard lumps on his head and could they play a part in his neck always hurting right under his skull?

this is called the Occipital Gonoyle... look it up - very common in men at the base of the neck/skull

Is a Lump at right base of skull with a sore caused by an infection?

no it could be a cyst either and could have been busted while brushing your hair seek medical attention anyway

Bump on skull?

There are a few ways to get a bump on the skull. A person could for example bump their head.

What could cause dizziness confusion extreme fatigue changes in hearing and sight frequent attacks when out in the heat or with little physical activity and cause a small hard lump on base of skull?

It could be a tumor (cancer) on the pituitary gland.

Does ariana granade have lung cancer?

No, Ariana Grande does not have lung cancer. She tweeted that she has an infection in parts of her skull and lungs.

Where can you get the blind skull in Halo 3?

You can get the blind skull at Sierra 117 at the first fight. Hug the wall to the right all the way to the cliff and there should be a ledge with a skull on it. Yay! You found the blind skull!

Can a 357 ammo round penetrate a bears skull?

At close range, yes.

What empty the blood into the right part of the heart?

the skull

What could be the cause of indentation on the skull?

That could be anything. You could have hit your head on the ground while jumping, you could have been dropped on your head as a baby (most likely), or you could have some disease that makes your skull have an indentation.

Is the skin's anatomical position superficial to the skull?

Yes, the skin covering the head is superficial to the skull, meaning simply that it lies on top of the skull, not beneath it. The skull itself could be considered superficial to the brain.

Is tanning good for your brain?

I'm not sure if radiation; which damages DNA & can lead to death, mutations, defects, cancer, etc; can penetrate the skull & reach the brain. But the fact that bones can get cancer and spread through the blood stream, makes me think it might either be able to pass through bone & damage the brain or it might be unable to. But is able to cause brain skull cancer which then leads to the brain and ultimately to the rest of the body or str8 from the skull to the skin.

ON Sims 2 Castaway on Wii where is the skull rock?

Its in skull rock jungle (obiously (: ) to the right if you climb in from dark cave.

What could be the reason of a knob that came out on my skull and a dent that appeared at the back of my skull?

Please specify which GAME your playing.

Could a T-Rex skull float?


Brain is to skull as shell is to?

a Crustation (not sure if i spelled that right)

Is it right to say both male and female brain is positioned on the right side of the skull?

That is wrong to say so. Your brain in positioned in both sides of the skull, without regard to sex.

What does skull tattoo mean?

In many instances, they mean nothing, but in the right context such as in the Russian mafia or some other organizations the skull means that you have killed, and sometimes it is a life for each skull that you have.

Who do you sell the skull mask in ocarina of time?

by going to the skull kid in lost woods (hes in the right log when you first go in)

Why are the infants skull joints moveable?

An infant's skull is soft to accommodate birthing and mobility through the birth canal. As an infant ages, the sutures close where you will see an anterior and posterior fontanel. The sutures don't close right away to allow for brain growth and development. The anterior fontanel closes within 18 months of age and the posterior fontanel closes within 8-12 weeks.

When does the fontanel close?

Infants have two soft openings within the skull called fontanels. These will usually close completely by about the 18 month of age.

How is the skull used?

The skull is used to protect the brain. Lets say you bumped your head. If you did not have a skull, the brain could be severally damaged. But, if you have a skull, the brain wouldn't get damaged. When your a baby, the skull hasn't been fully developed so that is why people are so careful handling their babies.

What are the diseases or disorders that can effect the skull?

This is actually a hard question Unless you red blood cells do not develop right you will not be able to develop your skull if you have some type of injury. A skull fraction will be an example.