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A leading sentence is a sentence that leads your sentence.

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Q: What is a leading sentence?
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What is a sentence for the word leading?

A sentence is: I have been leading the way on this trip the whole time.

What is a sentence using the word leading?

He was leading the group.

Considerable in a sentence?

the world is leading a considerable respect

A sentence with actor and movie?

.Who is the leading actor in that movie?

What is the predicate in the sentence My sister is the captain of the cheer-leading squad?

is the captain of the cheer- leading squad

Preceding in a sentence?

The preceding word was not important. This is the sentence that uses the word preceding.

How can you use gravamen in a sentence?

Infidelity is the gravamen leading to the divorce.

Is this sentence a fragment Leading the nation in the production of automobiles?

Yes, it is. There is not a subject. What is leading the nation in the production or automobiles? hope this helps

What is a sentence for the word exponent?

He became the leading exponent of this genre in England.

What is a sentence for the word complications?

After her surgery, there were serious complications, leading to death.

You quit the job It was leading to a dead end which one of these word are a pronoun?

The pronoun in the first sentence is you.The pronoun in the second sentence is it.

How do you use brassiere in a sentence?

Brassiere is the full form of the word bra. A sample sentence is: "A company in France is the leading brassiere manufacturer in the world".

Is this sentence correctly capitalized George is the leading sales representative in the Western Region?


A sentence for financial?

The ABC123 Bank is considered one of the world's leading financial institutes.

How do you use incautious in a sentence?

He was an incautious young man and this was a major factor leading to his death.

What is a topic sentence alien?

A topic sentence is the leading sentence of a paragraph. The rest of the sentences should support the topic sentence. An example of a topic sentence on the subject of aliens might be, "There is ample proof that life beyond humanity exists in the universe."

Eminence in a sentence?

Eminence is defined as recognized superiority. A sentence would be, Brad Pitt, as one of the leading actors of this decade, is recognized for his eminence in film.

What is a sentence with the word excellence?

Our state is leading the way to excellenceShe showed excellence in math and science.

How do you use position in a sentence?

The position of the birds ankle leading the owner to realize the ankle was broken.

Use the word philosophy in a sentence?

Philosophy walks in front of science leading it and giving it a meaning.

Make a sentence with this word starvation?

Starvation is a leading cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa.

What is a sentence using coincide?

One person's opinion can coincide with another's, leading to a misunderstanding and/or conflict.

What is a major a major problem leading to a lot of crime?

Bad sentence structure leads to a lot of crime.

Use vie in a sentence?

Many actors vie for the leading role in the famous director's new film.

How do you use elitism in a sentence?

It was about this time that he became a leading light in the campaign to end elitism in higher education.

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