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Some things which reproduce asexually:

some kinds of worms (eg. earthworms)
some kinds of snail

Some kinds of insects

Some things which reproduce sexually:


Most reptiles

Plants (most gymnosperms and angiosperms)

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How do snakes reproduce asexually?

They don't reproduce asexually, they reproduce sexually. It is impossible for them to reproduce asexually

Do all livings things reproduce asexually?


List several ways that seedless plants reproduce asexually?


Do sponges reproduce sexually or asexually?

They reproduce Asexually

Do zooflagellates reproduce asexually?

yes they can reproduce asexually.

How do yeast reproduce sexually asexually?

Yeast can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Most commonly they reproduce asexually.

How do cnidarians reproduce asexually?

they reproduce asexually through regeneration

Can cats reproduce asexually?

No, mammals cannot reproduce asexually.

Do Escherichia coli reproduce sexually or asexually?

They reproduce asexually

Do salamanders reproduce asexually or sexually?

They reproduce sexually

What are ways do living things reproduce?

Some organisms reproduce sexually, some reproduce asexually, and some can do both.

Do Eubacteria reproduce asexually or sexually?

Eubacteria can reproduce sexually and/or asexually.

Does bacteria reproduce sexually or asexually?

yes it does reproduce sexually but not asexually

How do eukaryotes reproduce asexually?

Through what process do eukaryotes reproduce asexually

Do onions reproduce sexually or asexually?

Onions reproduce asexually by budding.

Do invertabrates reproduce asexually?

Yes, most of invertebrates reproduce asexually .

Do snails reproduce sexually or asexually?

Most snails reproduce sexually but some reproduce asexually

Can diatoms reproduce?

yes diatoms can reproduce sexually and asexually. but they can only reproduce asexually when they are little

What and how do animals reproduce asexually?

Well that's a nice question but I think that they do reproduce asexually there are types of things reproduce like Komodo dragons and hydras and how. They can do it in three ways: binary fission,budding,regeneration

Do dandelions reproduce sexually or asexually?

can dandelions reproduce? Dandelions reproduce asexually (that is without fertilization). They can reproduce by cloning themselves.

How can a sea star reproduce asexually?

The sea star can reproduce asexually by fragmentation.

How do amoebas reproduce asexually?

Amoebas reproduce asexually by means of binary fission.

Do flatworms reproduce sexually and asexually?

flatworms reproduce asexually :) hope that helps

Do leeches reproduce asexually?

Yes, leeches do, in fact, reproduce asexually, from cocoons.

How do jellyfish reproduce asexually or sexually?

Jellies reproduce both sexually and asexually.