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What is a longfin bicher order polypteridae?

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It is an ancient type of predatory fish.

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When was James Haim I. Bicher born?

James Haim I. Bicher was born on 1937-05-12.

When was Longfin crevalle jack created?

Longfin crevalle jack was created in 2007.

What is an imperial longfin?

It's a menu item at Bonefish Grill. Probably longfin tilapia.

Where do longfin eels live?

under houses

How do longfin eels protect themselves?

it runs away

How much longfin blood does it take to kill you?

Three teaspoons

What are the natural predators of longfin eels?

dogs,cats and fishing commercials

What size do adults grow to for longfin eel?

6 feet long.

Fish that starts with O?

Oranda (goldfish) Oscar (cichlid) Ocellated Synodontis (Catfish) Ornate Bichir (Polypteridae) Opaline Gourami (Anabantidae)

Do which type of mako shark is more common the longfin or shortfin?

Which type of Mako Shark is more common the Longfin or Shortfin. I believe the short fin mako is more common though it probabley depends on the location

Are there native eels in New Zealand?

Yes. There are two native freshwater eel species in New Zealand. The longfin eel (Anguilla dieffenbachii) and the shortfin eel (Anguilla australis). There is an introduced species called the speckled longfin eel (Anguilla reinhardtii).

How do you spell makco shark?

The type of shark is a mako shark (longfin Isurus oxyrinchus or shortfin Isurus paucus).

What sharks are in the lamnidae family?

ANSWER:Great White Shark, Shortfin and Longfin Mako Shark, Salmon Shark, and the Porbeagle Shark.

How many different types of mako sharks are there?

Two. The longfin mako, Isurus Paucus, and the shortfin mako, Isurus Oxyrinchus.

Who discovered the dragon bichir?

The dragon bicher, Polypterus senegalus senegalus, was discovered by science in 1829 by french naturalist and zoologist Georges Cuvier. It was almost certainly known to the natives of Africa where it originates from before then.

What does a mako shark eat?

Moslty fish, but it will also take porpoise, turtles and birds. The longfin variety also eats octupus.

Is it normal for an albino oscar to have fins that exceed the length of its body?

No not really. It sounds beautiful though.Their are longfin Oscars and are normally more expensive.

What is Russian name for Pentaprion longimanus?

Scientific name: Pentaprion longimanus,Russian name: Длинноxвостая моджаpa,English name: Longfin mojarra

What is Russian name for Labiobarbus siamensis?

Scientific name: Labiobarbus siamensis, Labiobarbus spilopleura,Russian name: Барбус длинноплавниковый,English name: Longfin barb

When did the mackerel shark go extinct?

The mackerel sharks are a family of sharks that include the great white, porbeagle, and shortfin and longfin mako sharks. None are extinct.

What are other names for the albacore tuna?

The albacore tuna has a variety of different names that people use to refer to it. Some of these include pigfish, Pacific albacore, tombo ahi and longfin.

Is your Betta a male?

If he's of the longfin variety, he'll have dazzling colours & long vibrantly coloured fins. If he's a short fin variety, he'll have fantastic colours & a real bad attitude towards his reflection.

How many types of eel are there in New Zealand?

New Zealand has two species of native freshwater eels: The shortfin eel (Anguilla Australis) and the Longfin or silverbelly eel (Angulla Dieffenbachi). New Zealand also has 18 species of marine eels.

What sharks live in the Atlantic Ocean?

There are a number of sharks, such as the Shortfin Mako shark, Longfin Mako, Oceanic Whitetip, Great White, Bull Shark, Blue shark, and Whale shark. There are many more sharks that populate the Atlantic, and most of them are migratory.

How long is a freshwater eel?

The New Zealand longfin eel is the world's largest and longest living freshwater eel. they are often found up to 1.75 metres in length. the largest recorded ever caught weighed 24 kilograms. They are a traditional food of Maori and are delicious.