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What is a lurcher?

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A Lurcher is a dog. It is in between a greyhound and a whippet. Lurchers are typically racing dogs but make excellent pets. They are very friendly docile and affectionate dogs. click the link at the bottom for a pic of one!

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How long does a lurcher live for?

The life expectancy of a healthy lurcher is 13 years

Does a lurcher shed?


What size does the dog breed lurcher generally get to?

The dog breed lurcher can generally get to a height of 22-28 inches and a weight of 60-70 pounds. The lurcher is a type of dog originating in Ireland and parts of Great Britain.

Where does the lurcher butterfly live?


How fast is a lurcher?

I own a lurcher myself, and they can run extremely fast, as a younger dog/bitch, they can run as fast as a greyhound, but they get slower with age.

What type of animal is a lurcher?

a dog you twit

What is the Gaelic word for lurcher?

In Irish it's gadhar / luirsire

What is the difference between a whippet and a lurcher?

A whippet is a classified, pedigree breed. (looks like a small greyhound) a lurcher is not a pedigree breed as lurcher's are a greyhound crossed with absolutely anything, seen as a mutt in some peoples eyes. the original lurcher was a briard Shepard dog crossed with a greyhound. hope this answers your question

What is the name of a labrador greyhound mix?

Labrador Greyhound mix is a variety of Lurcher

What is the difference between a greyhound and a lurcher?

The difference between Greyhounds and Lurches are that Greyhounds are pedigree dogs whereas a Lurches is a Greyhound cross.

What age do you start training your lurcher puppy?

you can start training a puppy as young as 4 weeks if you don`t have him/her yet then as soon as you get him/her home.

What rhymes with furniture?

Rhymes with furniture:BircherDentureFervorFirmerFurtherLurcherMergerNurturePercherPunctureSutureVentureVulture

What kind of dog is this has brown gray and blonde hair small size a small tail long nose big eyes and short ears?

it is a fawn or lurcher i think

What is a cross between a greyhound and a terrier called?

You're probably thinking of a Lurcher, which is a cross between any sighthound and another breed, usually a terrier or herding dog.

Do toy poodles live alone or in a group?

Toy poodles can live either alone or in groups, i have a toy poodle, a boxer and a lurcher. They are all happy living toether.

Where can one purchase a greyhound coat?

Greyhound coats provide outstanding warmth for your dogs. You can purchase these specialty coats online at sites like Jan's Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts.

How fast can a lurcher run?

They are mostly pets but some are hunting/working dogs and It would depend on which cross they are it is roughly 35-50 mph (usually) faster than the animal its chasing

What are the names of all the types of dogs?

There are over 200 types of dogs but here are some: Collie Labrador Poodle Lurcher Grey hound Whippet Jackrussle Sausage dog Cookerpoo Shih-tzu

What dog can run the fastest?

It is widely believed to be the greyhound, however, I own a lurcher, border collie/greyhound crossbreed, that can run faster than a greyhound, but does not possess its stamina, hence greyhounds are used in racing.

What are the best dogs for hunting rabbits?

It depends on what you plan do. For lamping, you would want a lurcher, for shooting, some form of gun dog. heres a helpful website

What breed of dog has seven letters?

Basenji bulldog chinook cursinu harrier jonangi kaikadi löwchen lurcher maltese mastiff phalène pointer samoyed sapsali shar pei shih tzu shikoku sloughi tornjak whippet

What scents scare dogs?

my dogs went for a walk in a field they walk in regularly and became very scared.They stopped playing and guarded me closely as I walked round the fields what could it have been?they are big- lurcher and GSD and this has never happened before.

What are some Irish dog breeds?

Here they are Irish Setter Irish Wolfhound Lurcher Irish Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Glen of Imaal Terrier Irish Water Spaniel Irish Red-And-White Setter Kerry Beagle

What actors and actresses appeared in The Road to Fortune - 1930?

The cast of The Road to Fortune - 1930 includes: Stanley Cooke as Prof. Kingsbury Florence Desmond as Toots Willoughby Anne Kelagh Jean Lester as Miss Lurcher Doria March as June Eastman Guy Newall as Guy Seaton George Vollaire as Dr. Killick

What is the average life span of a medium - large mongrel dog?

Hiya. My mongrel dog Rocky is a medium sized mongrel. He looks like a lurcher but a bit smaller. He is now 14 years old and although he has aged quite a bit this year he is still really active. I don't know actual lifespans but i hope this helps a little bit.