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It is a term used in some states to indicate who retains custody of a minor child. If parents share equal custody they are joint managing conservators. If one parent retains primary custody he or she is the sole conservator and the non-custodial parent is the possessory conservator.

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Q: What is a managing conservator?
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If the managing conservator is discredited would the possessory conservator get custody of the child?

It fully depends on the evidence.

What is the main difference between Adoption and sole managing conservetorship?

Adoption is permanent. Sole Managing Conservator means that for now you are responsible but in the future, someone, like another family member, can file in court to change your status and they could become the Managing Conservator if they win the suit.

If your aunt is managing conservator can she give you permission to marry at 16?

It depends on the laws of your state or country what is allowed for marriage.

What is the difference between an executor and a conservator of an estate?

A conservator is appointed by the court to manage the estate of a living person who is incapable of managing their own affairs. An executor is appointed by the court to settle the estate of a person who died leaving a will.

What happens if there isn't a Power of Attorney?

The Probate Court can appoint a conservator to act on the behalf of a person who is incapable of managing their financial affairs.

What's the major difference between a 'managing conservator' and a 'possessory' one?

The legal definition is a managing conservator is the person in whose home the child resides and the person who receives financial support for the child. The possessory conservator is the person who has visitation rights and pays the child support. Generally the "MC" has more rights in all decisions regarding the child. However, the actual rights and responsibilities of both parties are defined in the custody order at the discretion of the presiding magistrate.

What is a sentence for conservator?

Conservator is a person who is appointed to take the financial decisions. The conservator is approved and applied by the court.

Does a minor absolutely have to obtain a signature from their managing conservator to petition for emancipation?

No if you turn in your emancipation and give the judge enough reasons of why you should be emancipated. After that its all on the court to decide.

In the state of Texas what age does a child have to be to choose which parent he wants to live with?

XVI. At what age can a child decide with whom they want to live? At age 12 a child can sign a "Choice of Managing Conservator." This is a document filed with with the Court that allows the child to chose their primary conservator. It is very persuasive to the court. In conjunction with this document, a Motion to Modify must be filed with the Court so that the Court can modify its prior order. A Choice of Managing Conservator is not an absolute. It must be shown that it is in the best interest of the child for the non-primary to become the primary. I read this on another legal site and believe it is correct

What is the difference between guardian and conservator?

The answer to this question depends on the laws of the state in which the guardian or conservator is appointed. In some states there is a significant difference. In others the terms may be used virtually interchangeably. In still other one or the other may not be used at all. In New Jersey, a statute in the probate laws taken in part from the American Law Institute's Uniform Probate Code provides for a "Conservator" in addition to the traditional Guardian. The differences lie in the degree of incapacity/incompetency of the person in need of the guardian or conservator, the powers of guardian or conservator and in the legal rights and abilities the person retains. For an adult, a guardian is appointed for a person who is unable to manage his/her own affairs and it requires proof by two physicians that the person is incapable of managing his/her affairs. The guardian has full powers over both the property and the person of the incapacitated person. The Guardian has full powers to invest, manage and sell property of the person. If the person is declared incapacitated and a guardian is appointed the person loses most of the legal abilities he or she normally has. For example that person may no longer execute a will. The guardian also has the power to make medical decisions. A conservator is appointed just on a showing that the person is in need of help in managing his/her affairs. The Conservator does not have full power over the person's property. It is limited to managing it and conserving it. If additional powers are needed the Conservator may go to court for a grant of the additional powers needed The Conservator has no powers over medical decisions unless specifically allowed by the court appointing the Conservator. The person is not declared incapacitated therefore he/she retains all legal abilities, such as the right to make a will and even the power to go to court and have the conservatorship vacated. In NJ, the Conservatorship functioned like a court created power of attorney, meaning the person still is able to manage his/her own affairs even if there is a disagreement with the judgment of the Conservator. Different states will have variations of the nature of a guardianship and a conservatorship; therefore a comprehensive statement of their differences is not possible here.

Can a spouse be a conservator?

yes it can

How do you abbreviate conservator?


What is the ABBreviation of conservator?


What is a possessory conservator?

Possessory conservator refers to the person in a custody order who does not have the child/children living with them the majority of the time.

What are the laws for emancipation of minors in Texas?

You can petition the court if you are: (1) 17 years of age, or at least 16 years of age and living separate and apart from the minor's parents, managing conservator, or guardian; and (2) self-supporting and managing the minor's own financial affairs. If you are not safe contact your local social services to get help.

How do you change the conservator when the veteran conservatee moves from California to New York?


Does a conservator have more power that a poa?

The court appointment of a conservator would extinguishany power previously granted under a power of attorney. The conservator would have full authority over the estate of the conservatee or protected person.

What are individual trusts?

Individual trusts act in several capacities including executor, administrator, trustee, guardian, conservator, custodian, and conservator in lunacy

How do oil cooled transformers without conservator work?

Oil filled transformers without a conservator are usually distribution transformers with relatively-low kV.A ratings. The volume of oil in these transformers is comparatively low and there is no need to allow for any substantial expansion, which is the main purpose of a conservator tank.

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Can the custodial parent give consent for a 17-year-old to get married without the managing conservator's permission in Texas?

No. There is no difference in the rights of the possessory and the conservator to the minor child in question unless there is a court order that stipulates otherwise. The gender of the minor is not relevant.

What is the difference between and executor and conservator?

Both must be appointed by the appropriate court. A conservator manages the property and person of a living person. An executor manages the estate of a person who has died.

Can a child choose which conservator he wants to live with in the state of Texas?

No, minors are not allowed to make the decision as to where they want to live, whether it pertains to parental custody or guardianship issues. If the parents cannot find an equitable solution as to which is to be the primary custodian/conservator, the issue will be decided by the judge. Judges base their decision on what is in the best interest of the child/children and not on personal preferences of those persons involved. The above answer is incorrect... The legal answer is found in Section 153.008 of the Texas Family Code which provides that at the age of 10 a child may, by writing filed with the court, indicate a parental preference or choice of managing conservator in Suits Affecting Parent-Child Relationships.

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to enlarge the base(foundation)

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