What is a mautma account?

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What are the examples of contra voucher?

# Cash account to Bank account # Bank account to Cash account # Bank account to Bank account

Is the drawing account is a temporary account?

Drawings Account is a Temporary Account

How do you deactive facebook account?

Account > Account Settings > Deactivate Account

Is capital account is real account or nominal account?

Real Account

What type of accounts can be used with MandT Web Banking?

M&T Web banking has a checking account, a savings account, a passbook savings account, a CD account, a Holiday/vacation account, a loan account, a mortgage account, an overdraft account, an equity line account, an IRA account, a PMA account and a MTB money market fund account.

Is drawings account is Nominal or Personal account?

Drawings Account is a Nominal Account. Nominal accounts record liabilities, expenses, revenues, capital and drawing. Examples of nominal accounts are loan account, sales account, commission received account, salaries account, rent account, capital account, drawings account etc.

How do you delete your account on youtube?

Click Your Account . Then Manage Account then Delete Account

Is bank account perosnal account?

yes bank account is personal account

Is bank account is real account or personal account?

It is Personal Account and Cash A/c is actually real account.

Is capital account is personal account or real account?

Capital account as well as Drawings account are Personal accounts !!!

What is meant by countra account?

Contra account is reverse of actual account used to increase or decrease the actual account like depreciation account for actual asset account or drawings account for owners equity account etc.

How do you switch from a Yahoo Mail account to a gmail account?

You can switch from Yahoo account to Gmail account easily. The account can be created on Gmail account. You can export all the data from yahoo account as well.

What is the word for account in norwegian?

account (bank account): konto (bankkonto) account (description): beretning account (basis): grunnlag

Is account a collective noun?

The word account can be a collective noun; an account of ledgers, an account of circumstances, an account of passengers, etc.

How does a loan account becomes NP account?


Is bank account a real account in accounting?

No bank account is a Personal account in Accounting

How do you delete a MySpace?

my account> account> cancel account.

Where can you register for a account?

It's an account, not a account. At a bank.

What is an account that reduces a related account?

A contra account

Is Investment Account a Real Account?

it is a personal account

What type of account can be a transaction account?

A checking account

What account is similar to a saving account?

Current Account

Is the drawing account a permanent account?

Drawing account is not a permanent account rather it is temprary account which is closed to owners equity account at every year closing period.

Do you have a howrsecom account?

Yes, my account is moonbeamluna. My BFF's account is HoneyHoove. My breeding partner's account is shiannes0820. My brother's account is pokemon0820.

Is the drawings account an expense account?

The Drawings account is not an expense account. It is a contra equity account. Therefore, it appears on the balance sheet.