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In the U.S. a mint mark is usually one letter, sometimes two, indicating which mint produced a coin. The current US mint marks are:

P for Philadelphia,

D for Denver

S for San Francisco (for proof coins only)

W for West Point (for commemoratives and gold only*)

Until recently most coins from Philadelphia did not have a mintmark so you may find many older coins lacking mint marks. Dates for the P mint mark are:

> 1942-45 : "war nickels"

> 1979-present : dollars

> 1980-present : nickels, quarters, dimes, halves

Philadelphia cents do not have a mint mark.

*With the exception of the 1996 Roosevelt Dime issued from the West Point Mint. This was included in the Mint's Uncirculated Set for that year, and it commemorates the 50th anniversary of this coin type's debut. In addition to its novelty as the only dime bearing a 'W' mintmark, the West Point location is not far from the Roosevelt Estate at Hyde Park where the late FDR and wife Eleanor were laid to rest.

Mint Marks on Older Coins

S for San Francisco circulating coins 1854-1955, also some nickels and cents 1968-74

C for Charlotte, NC 1838-1861

CC for Carson City, NV 1870-1893

D for Dahlonega, GA 1838-1861

O for New Orleans, LA 1838-1861 and 1879-1909

Mint Marks on Coins from Other Countries

Other countries have different practices for indicating where a coin was struck. If there is only a single mint, they may follow the old U.S. practice of not placing any mint mark on their coins, or they may use mint marks only for branch/subsidiary mints, or all coins may carry marks. There may even be coded mint marks or symbols instead of letters. Some examples:

U.K: No mint mark for most coins from the primary mint; H = Heaton, KN = Kings Norton

Canada: No mint mark for coins from the Ottawa mint up till 1995; "M" beginning in 1996; H on some older coins minted at England's Heaton mint.

Australia: Older coins used either a letter or a strategically-placed dot to indicate what mint struck each coin; the dot's location within the coin's design was different for each mint.

Germany: All coins carry mint marks. Unlike most other countries, mint marks are sequential letters based on when a particular mint was established rather than being an initial of the city. Current active mints are:

A: Berlin

D: München

F: Stuttgart

G: Karlsruhe

J: Hamburg

Mint Mark Locations

It's impossible to give a simple description of where to look for a mint mark without knowing a coin's date and denomination, and sometimes even that information isn't enough. Mint marks are often worked into some inconspicuous place in the design, but in recent years the practice in more and more countries is to make the mint mark more obvious. For example, in 1968 the U.S. moved mint marks from the back sides of most coins to a more prominent place on the front; in the 1980s the size of the letters was increased making them even more visible.

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Q: What is a mint mark?
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What is an O mint mark?

The mint mark O was for New Orleans.

Where is the mint mark on a 1919 penny?

The mint mark is below the date.

What is a mint mark under the eagle?

A mint mark tells where the coin was minted, for example, a P mint mark (or in some cases no mint mark) signifies the coin was minted in Philadelphia, D is for Denver, S is for San Fransisco. I'm assuming someone told you that the mint mark was under the eagle for whatever coin you had, so you simply need to look under the eagle to find a mint mark. Keep in mind that some coins were produced in the Philadelphia mint and have no mint mark.

Where do you find the mint mark on a 1898 dime?

The mint mark is located on the reverse [tails] side of the coin at the bottom below the wreath. If there is no mint mark then the coin was minted at the Philadelphia Mint.

Where is the mint mark on a 1808 bust half dollar?

The first Half dollar with any mint mark was from the New Orleans Mint in 1838.The mint mark is on the reverse under the eagle

Where is the mint mark on the 1972 dollar coin?

The mint mark of the Denver Mint (shown as a "D") and the San Francisco Mint (shown as "S) on the Eisenhower Dollar is located on the obverse (heads) side of the coin directly beneath the bust of Eisenhower. If there is no mint mark there, then the coin was struck at the Philadelphia Mint and in this mint did not place a mint mark on the coins struck there until 1979.

What if there is no mint mark on your silver dollar?

No mint mark means it was minted in Philadelphia.

What does the letter mean on a coin?

The letter is known as the mint-mark and tells where the coin was made. A coin having a P mint-mark (or no mint-mark on some coins) was made in Philadelphia, a coin having an S Mint-mark was minted in San Fransisco, a coin with a D mint-mark was minted in Denver.

Where is the mint mark on a 1921 peace dollar?

There is no mint mark on the 1921 Peace dollar because they were all minted in Philadelphia and thus carry no mint mark.

Where is mint mark on 1891 dime?

On the reverse of the coin under the wreath. It's a S or O mint mark, but without a mint mark it was struck in Philadelphia.

Is a 1931 Lincoln wheat penny worth anything?

Yes. $1.25 if there is no mint mark, $7.75 if it has a D mint mark, and $132.50 if it has a S mint mark.

What if your 1922 silver dollar does not have a mint mark?

If there's no mint mark, then it was minted in Philadelphia.

What if your 1908 quarter has no mint mark?

No mint mark indicates that the coin was minted in Philadelphia.

What is a mint mark O under the the eagle?

New Orleans mint mark is "O".

Why no mint mark on1886 silver dollar?

No mint mark indicates that it was made in Philadelphia.

Why does the bicentennial quarter have no mint mark?

The lack of a mint mark indicates that the coin was minted in Philadelphia. The mint mark P wasn't added to quarters until 1980.

Is there a mint mark w on a 1923 dime?

No "W" mint mark on a 1923 Dime, it's the designers monogram (A. Weinman) the mint mark is on the reverse to the left of the fasces

What is the value of a 1928 quarter with mint mark M?

The M is not a mint mark but on every coin and is on the right side. The mint mark is to the left od the date slightly above.

What is the value of a 1957 silver dime with JS mint mark?

Value is about $1.00 and JS is NOT a mint mark it's the designers initials, the mint mark is on the reverse. Obverse mint marks were not used on dimes until 1968

Is there always a mint mark on a Morgan silver dollar?

Not always, no. If it was minted in Philadelphia, then there is no mint mark.

What if 1916 dime has no d on it?

With no D mint mark or no mint mark at all it's from Philadelphia.

Where is mint mark 1919 penny?

Directly below the date. If there is no mint mark, then it's from Philadelphia.

What if your Franklin half dollar does not have a mint mark?

No mint mark indicates that the coin was minted in Philadelphia.

Where is the mint mark on a 1921silver dollar And it's worth?

The mint mark is near the bottom center of the side with the eagle. There might not be a mark.

What is the facility letter on coines?

I'm assuming you mean the mint-mark? The mint-mark shows which branch of the US mint created the coins, if there is a P mark (or no mintmark on some coins) the coin was minted in Philadelphia, a D mark signifies Denver, an S mark shows the coin was from San Fransisco and a W mark is from the West Point Mint.