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There really is nothing wrong with 'Matron of Honor' and only means the person is married and not single. If single it would be 'Maid of Honor'. I do agree it sound like one is an old maid, but that's the way it is and I doubt you can break the good old tradition.

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Q: What is a more flattering term for matron of honor?
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What is the old term for a directer of nursing?

a matron

Who stands beside the bride at a wedding?

Typically and traditionally in the Western World it is usually the maid of honor who stands next to the bride, followed by the bridesmaids. The term maid of honor is given to an unmarried woman, (if the woman is married she is referred to as the matron of honor), chosen by the bride to be her chief bridesmaid.

How do you get on honor roll?

you have to get all a's for gold honor roll at the end of the term, or to get on honor roll, you have to get a's and b's at the end of the term.

What is the spanish term for word of honor?

palabra de honor

What is the term for a circuit court justice?

"Judge" or "Your Honor."

What is a honor roll award for?

At my school we get on a honor roll if we are good for the term like not being late and being prepared

What is the term describing the worship of saints?

Catholics do not worship the saints. Worship is reserved for God alone. We honor, or venerate, the saints. When we honor the saints, we honor their Creator.

What is the medieval term for the chance to defend ones honor in a duel?


What is the masculine of matron?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.The noun 'matron' has different meanings:a married woman or a widow of mature age, and established social position. A corresponding mature man who has an established a social position is known by the feature of his life that has lead to his position, for example industrialist, philanthropist, educator, entertainer, etc. In the context of 'maid of honor' or 'matron of honor', positions held in a wedding party, the corresponding position for a male has no age or marital status attached to it, a male is the 'best man'.A woman who acts as a supervisor or monitor in a public institution, such as a school, hospital, or prison. A corresponding term for a male in charge of an institution is more specific, for example headmaster, administrator, warden, etc.a female nurse whose job is to take care of students in a school. There is no corresponding noun specific to a male in this position.As society changes, words like matron are giving way to common gender nouns that apply to a male or a female; a woman who has established a social position today is more commonly known by the means that led to that position; a woman who supervises an institution will be known by the title appropriate for that institution.

What is meant by the term venerate?

The term venerate is used to signify honor to an iconic being with the act of a ritual devotion. To hold in deep respect for someone and to honor in recognition of qualities of holiness, excellence and wisdom.

Is the social sin of failing to honor the elderly called racism?

No - the correct term is ageism.

What is the importance to the term ziggurat?

the ziggurat was initially built in honor of some deity or the other.

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