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What is a mother complex?

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== == * A mother complex (really nothing wrong with it) is women who mother other people besides their own children (or they may not have children.) They are "just there" for people, are kind, understanding, perhaps rush around and cook up good meals when a person or persons are around. When I met my husband and was dating him we would go water-skiing on weekends with a group of 12 other people. After water-skiing we would come back to my then boyfriend's house and his mother would cook up a huge meal (out of thin air) of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. 16 people sat around that large farm-like kitchen table and ate a delicious dinner and we laughed and cajoled with each other and that house was filled with warmth and love. I considered myself lucky and thought of her as my 2nd mom. She treated all of those 12 people as good as she treated my husband and his other 4 siblings. We all loved her for it and it was easy to nickname her "mom." Don't consider a mother complex a bad thing. If one is a mother to someone other than her own children she should also respect they are individuals and just be there when that person needs them, but other than that give wise advice and push the person to stand on their own two feet and grow. Doing everything for your own children or other people and not letting them grow is smothering and holding that person back. * Another Side To A Mother Complex: If someone is frequently inclined towards mothering, then that person most likely has a "positive mother complex", which was formed in response to the relationship she had with her own mother. Before understanding what a mother complex is, one must understand what a complex is. Every person has both a mother and a father complex, and each can be negative or positive. As a person grows up, every experience with his or her mother or father, whether positive or negative, is "stored" in association with the image of the parent. In other words, somewhere in the unconscious mind there is an image of the mother and father, and depending on the early experiences of the parents, those images will each be "surrounded" by a collection of positive and negative emotional charges. If a female has a positive experience overall with her mother, then her inner mother image will be surrounded by mostly positive emotional charges. Such a woman would then have a positive mother complex and would most likely be comfortable with mothering.

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Q: What is a mother complex?
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Our Mother of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church Complex was created in 1878.

What is a sentence with Oedipus complex in it?

His mother looks so young, does he have an Oedipus complex?

What is the complex when a boy is in love with his mother?

Oedipus complex and it was termed by Sigmond Freud

How is the relationship between hamlet and his mother Gertrude?

its an Oedipus complex were a son is in love with his mother

You love your mother and your fatherwhat is that mean?

Oedipus complex

Use prohibit in a complex sentence?

I prohibit disrepecting my mother

What refers to a son's romantic obsession with his mother?

Oedipus Complex is the name for a son's romantic obsession with his mother.

What is an ''Oedipus Complex as defined by Freud?

They are considered "mother-fixated" when the mate (sexual partner) resembles the mother.

What is it called when a boy is in love with his mother?

hahaha not Stewie Oedipus complex

What do you call the marriage of a man to his mother after his father has died?

Oedipus Complex

Some example of complex sentence?

my mother have a sick she caught in rain

How can be diagnosed the boy if he is attracted to his mother?

I'm thinking Oedipus Complex

What is the difference between Oedipus complex from Electra Complex?

The Electra complex is where a female loves her father and hates her mother because she believes that she has been castrated. This is called penis envy. She then realises that her mother is in the same position and relates to her. The Oedipus project is in males instead of females and they love the father instead of the mother instead of the father. They fear that their father will find out that they love their mother and cut off their penis. The boy then finds out that this wouldn't happen and relate to his father instead of his mother.

What is an electra complex?

Electra Complex is a medical or proper term which means when a daughter in a family, finds her dad sexually attractive.The term for a son finding his mother attractive is Oedipus Complex.

What is the psychological term for a mother obsessed with her son?

well, for starters, i can tell you that a Son obsessed with his mother is more common, it links to the psychosexual stages of development. the correct psychological term for this is the Oedipus complex, and i would imagine, in answer to your question that a mother being obsessed with her son is known a reverse Oedipus complex.

Can you write a sentence using the word complex?

(adjective) The study of cell growth is a complex procedure. The complex ecosystem of the forest includes many types of plants and animals. (noun) The new industrial complex is located near the river. His mother feared he would develop a complex, and took him to a psychologist.

What is oedipal complex according to Sigmund Freud?

The desire to sleep with ones own mother

What is a good complex sentence for ocean?

I went to the ocean because my mother said I could

Is the sentence your mother told us to clean the kitchen but we forgot compound or complex?


Does Oedipus complex exist?

Yes, According to Sigmund Freud that made the Oedipus complex theory which states that a boy's desire to replace his father and have the affections of his mother.

What is the Opedipus Complex?

Oedipus was a mythic king of Thebes. it was foretold that he would kill his father and marry his mother, thus bringing ruin to his whole family. So, an Oedipus Complex is one in which you have feelings for your mother that go beyond the typical maternal relationship.

Who theorized the Oedipus complex?

Sigmund Freud [May 6, 1856-September 23, 1939] theorized the Oedipus complex. By that complex, he highlighted the mother-son interaction that may go from healthy to unhealthy. Freud also theorized the similar, Electra complex. By that complex, he highlighted the father-daughter interaction that may go from healthy to unhealthy.The names for both complexes are based upon legendary names in classical Greek mythology. Albeit unknowingly, Theban King Oedipus is a father killer. Knowingly, Argive Princess Electra is a mother killer.Albeit unknowingly, Oedipus fixates on a woman who's old enough to be his mother and who in fact turns out to be his mother. Knowingly, Electra loves her father and hates her mother. So she plots with her brother to kill their mother for having killed their father. It's fine with Electra that her father had taken a lover. It isn't fine with her that her mother did likewise.

What is the meaning of electra complex?

The Electra complex is a psychoanalytic term that describes a girl's sexual attachment to her father and competitive feelings for her mother. The phrase was coined by Carl Jung.

How do you call the psychological disorder when a daughter is attached to his father that she considers her mother her rival?

Elektra complex

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