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A neurosurgeon is basically a brain sugeon, they mostly operate on brain tumour's. I am studing to be one and it's a very intresting job :)

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What the tecnical term for brain surgeon?

Neuro Surgeon

What is the medical term meaning brain surgeon?

Neuro Surgeon.

What is the hourly wage for neuro surgeon?

Neuro surgeons don't get paid by the hour.

Is a brain surgeon same as a neurosurgeon?

yes a brain surgeon is the same as a neuro surgeon. its just another name for a brain surgeon

What kind of a doctor for a stroke?

neuro surgeon and neurologist

What happened when Prince William got hit in the head with a golf club?

He was immediately taken to a hospital. As he needed a surgery immediately and as the Royal Neuro-Surgeon was away, he was operated by an Indian Neuro-Surgeon who was available. The Indian Neuro-Surgeon was honoured later by H.M the Queen. The surgeon was later on invited to Prince William's wedding and went to London to attend the wedding

Who is the best neuro surgeon in nigeria?

Professor M.A Shokunbi

What is the technical term for the brain?

a brain surgeon is also called a Neuro Surgeon and brain surgery is neurosurgery

Which doctor gets paid the most money?

A Neuro Surgeon for sure

What is neuro?

Neuro is basically the brain, In medical terms. There are other sectors within neuro care, such as: Neuro-surgery = brain surgery Neurology = basic brain care/ward Neurologist = brain doctor neurosurgeon = brain surgeon

What surgeon is paid the most?

Neuro Surgeon's is the most paid - Pradeep Reddy.

Who was awarded as young neuro surgeon award -2008?

deepak arora

Which metal is the best for surgery?

Well, as a neuro surgeon, i use rusty iron rods how about you

How long do you have to go to school to become a Nero surgeon with college?

After completing your school you will require another 12 to 13 years to train as a Neuro surgeon

How much does a private neuro surgeon earn?

i think 200000 but my father get 18 million a years

What is the entry level salary for a neurosurgeon?

If you ask me I think a very intelligent neuro surgeon makes about 2,100,000 dollars a year or even more,an average neuro surgeon would make 1,300,000 a year and a very bad one would make about 900,000 a year that's my opinoin.

How much do transplant surgeons earn?

actually a transplant surgeon would earn more the a neuro and cardiovascular surgeon, so there salary would range from around $500,000 - $1,500,00.

High salary jobs?

a neuro surgeon=almost 1 billion a year. a cia/fbi agent=from 600,000-5,000,000

What is the formal name of a hand doctor?

Depends on what you want done with the hand. Usually an Orthopedist for the bones. A dermatologist for the skin. A Plastic surgeon for skin repair. Or a neuro-muscular surgeon for crush injuries.

What are costume ideas starting with the letter J?

Nun Ninja Ned Kelly Nurse Nerd Netball player Neuro-surgeon

How much does a neuro surgeon earn?

It honestly depends on how successful they are. Some major successes can earn up to 500,000 dollars a year (which is a WIN!)

A Doctor Who has passed a specialty exam is?

A doctor who has passed a specialty exam is a Specialist..Eg: ENT Surgeon, Ortho Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Dermatologist etc.If there is further specialization, then that doctor is a Sub-Specialist/Super-Specialist (depending on the terms used in their country).Eg: Neuro Surgeon, Neurologist, Vascular Surgeon, GastroEnterologist etc.

Contact details of Dr sunil perera neuro surgeon of sri lanka?

You may reach Asiri Surgical Hospital Sri Lanka for consultation.

What is Neuro Muscular Patterning?

what do you mean by neuro

Where do you buy neuro aqua?

You can buy neuro aqua at