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Rosa was a little tired after work in December

She hopped on the bus, a ride to remember

Paid in the front, and boarded in the back

Rosa got herself a seat, but the bus was packed. A man thought he had more right than her to the seat that she sat in

She was a little tired from workin'

and very tired of being judged, by the color of her skin

Rosa wouldn't get up, so they threw her in the slammer

This happened a lot down in Montgomery, Alabama But she was well known in the African American Community

Used to work for the President of the NAACP

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the pastor of a local church

Called a meeting and said, the only way to fight is for

no one, to ride the bus to work.

She believed that "Quiet Strength" was the "Pathway to Freedom" It took a year for the Supreme Court to agree with her

Segregation on transportation is unconstitutional

In the land of the free, separate can't be equalMother of the Civil Rights Movement

She wears the crown

Standing up for her rights just by sitting down

Rosa Parks, can't you see you changed history

As a nation we are grateful for eternity Like a rose, your lesson grows more and more each day

The bus you rode has miles to go but we are on our way to be free

One woman holding a candle in the dark

and her name was Rosa Parks

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Q: What is a poem about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott?
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