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What is a pony keg?


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A beer keg containing 8 US gallons (30.28 L) of fluid.


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The price for a keg or pony keg will depend on the type of beer. A good price for a keg is around $80.

A pony keg is 7.75 U.S. gallons. There are 82 12-oz. bottles in a pony keg.

1 pony keg holds 29.3369413 liters or 7.75 US gallons.

What size keg, regular or pony What size glass

A Pony Keg is a quarter barrel or 7.75 gallons (US).A Mini holds only 5 liters.A Keg holds 15.5 gallons. (a 1/2 keg is 15.5....a full keg is 31 gallons)A Corny Keg used by micro and home brewers is 5 gallons.

15 gal They also sell pony kegs, which contain 7.75 gallons of beer. The pony keg cost me $70 and my local BevMo.

1/2 bbl (large keg) = 15.5gal 1/4 bbl (pony Keg) = 7.75gal 1/6 bbl (sixtel) = 5.176 gal

If you are talking about a full size keg which is 15.5 gallons, then there are about 99 glasses of beer. If you are talking about a pony keg which is 7.75 gallons, then there are about 49 glasses of beer.

A 1/4 keg of beer is equal to 3.5 cases of beer and weighs 85 pounds. A 1/6 keg of beer is equal to 2.5 cases of beer and weighs 60 pounds. A 1/4 keg is also known as a pony keg.

A pony key hold 7.75 gallons of beer which equals 82 twelve ounce drinks. A gallon of beer weighs 8 pounds. All total a filled keg will weigh approximately 70-75 pounds.

about 7 gallons according to the local beer delivery guy.

A beer keg is not a standard measure. In the US, a keg can range from 10.6 pints (a mini keg) to 124 pints (half barrel keg).

A quarter barrel, also known as a pony keg contains 7.75 gallons of beer which is about 82 cans of beer.

The Keg was created in 1971.

Depends what fabric the keg is made of. If its a generic keg it cannot freeze.

A keg is usued to transport beers or ales. A keg is measured as 90 pints

A keg is considered a half-barrel, which holds 15.5 gallons. This would be considered a 'full keg', but there are many variations of keg sizes.

A Keg is a barrel that holds 30 gallons.

about 40 pitchers in a keg.

"How much does that keg cost?"

Depends on the keg dispenser. I recommend the Hoff-Stevens Keg Dispenser available at

The Most common Keg is The 11 Gallon Keg, This keg holds 50 litres of your favourite Lager, Hope this has helped. Good Luck

1/2 Keg- 86.99 1/4 Keg- 50.99

1 Keg is equal to 1984 ounces.

There are several sizes of keg

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