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probably an incorrectly tensioned or adjusted drive belt slipping briefly.

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What kind of head pressure would you experience if the condenser fan motor became inoperative

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What type of air conditioning coolant is used for a 1995 mercury sable

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Q: What is a possible problem on a 94 continental you hear a chirping sound when the compressor kicks in ac or heat?
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Have 89 Beretta 2.8 Is it possible to bypass frozen ac compressor with shorter belt until compressor replacement?

Other then finding a belt the right size, I don't see a problem.

Is it normal for a air compressor for the air shocks to frequently run while driving in a 1996 Lincoln Continental?

Yes, every once in a while while driving your air compressor will kick on. If it seems to be running nonstop there is a problem. You would have a hole in one of your air bags if your compressor runs nonstop. Hope this helps.

What causes brake chirping in a Honda civic?

the brakes probably got too hot, due to long and hard braking. Then it is possible that the brakes start to do that. The other problem might be that your brakepads are worn and have to be replaced.

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What is wrong with your air conditioner if the fan is blowing but the compressor is not working?

It is possible that the circuit breaker for the compressor unit is thrown (switched to "off"). Go outside to the compressor unit and follow the big cable up to the circuit breaker panel on the wall. If it is off, throw the switch to "on." If that is not the problem, something is probably wrong with the compressor unit. Turn off the breaker panel and call a repairman.

What causes high amps in a air conditioner compressor?

your condensor is clogged up, or your condensor fanmotor is not working, or your compressor struckup due mechanical problem inside of your compressor.

AC compressor - clutch seems to be locking upmaking noise can only the clutch be replaced or does the entire Compressor need to be replaced?

If the AC pulley is locking up when the ac compressor clutch engages, it's not a clutch problem, it's a compressor problem. But yes, the AC clutch can usually be replaced separately. The problem is, if the clutch is worn out the compressor is probably worn out as well. It usually isn't that much more to replace the whole thing.

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How do I troubleshoot a noisy suspension compressor on a 2002 Expedition?

I just had similar problem with 2000 expedition. It was the bracket not the compressor. but if you don't fix bracket soon compressor will go bad too.

What is causing my 2002 Ford Sport-Trac to make a Chirping noise on cold start up?

If your 2002 Ford Sport Trac is making a chirping noise when you do a cold start up, this could mean that you have a problem with the engine. You should have it looked at by a mechanic.

Your Ford 3.8 V6 has a chirping noise belt and accessories have been eliminated. what is the problem?

Probably the serpentine belt idler pulley bearing.

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